OMG Leopard Stephen on Eluxury

  1. Hurry someone buy it! This bag has been sold out for months. If I did not already have one, I would buy it.

    Please someone snap it up.
  2. I can't find it already gone? If not can you post a link?
  3. This happened to me a few weeks ago too! I missed it by a few minutes! Hopefully it found a good home! Please let us know if it is headed your way!
  4. Gone baby, gone!
  5. I went so fast. I had it in my cart but a minute a later it said it was no longer available.
  6. $4300
  7. It's there again!!! HURRY PEOPLE! :nuts:

  8. I hate them!
    I can't order from them cus i don't live in the US!!!
    Anyone want to buy it for me?!?!
    PLEASE :angel:
  9. ...and it's GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (That was fast..)
  10. Who got it???????????????
  11. Anybody? Come on, fess up! LOL!
  12. LOL! i want to know to!
  13. ^^^I just came back because I saw the new post and thought it was you Kaiie! LOL! I am way too into solving this mystery!
  14. It's there right now!!!