OMG! LADIES! our pockets are going to hurt! (jeanne bags & more from

  1. yup, after not visiting the dior online boutique for ages, they've updated with TONNES of new bags. here are pictures of the new jeanne bags that's really growing on me. (OH NOS!)
    jeanne bag (brown).jpg jeanne bag (black).jpg jeanne bag (off white).jpg jeanne evening bag (off white).jpg jeanne belt (taupe).jpg
  2. new trotter romantique lines. they updated it some with cute pink coloured leather inserts. I LOVE THAT BOSTON BAG! IT MUST BE MINE! :love::drool:
    trotter romantique boston bag (pink beige).jpg trotter romantique flap bag (pink beige).jpg trotter romantique purse bag (grey).jpg trotter romantique coin case (beige pink).jpg trotter romantique coin case (beige).jpg
  3. wowzers!! :drool: (I am saying that a lot today)

    I really like the belt, and right now that is about all I could afford! :p
  4. one more trotter romantique item and some accessories/jewellry. ;):heart:
    trotter romantique long wallet (beige).jpg romantic heaven bracelet.jpg phone strap.jpg dior lovely earrings.jpg dior lovely studs.jpg
  5. one my dior monogram wallet, 2 cannage wallets (in the new metallic wash), and 2 lady diors - 1 hobo (which looks like the woven lady dior tote) and the perforated lady dior east/west handbag (it looks 100x better in real life, i promise. it took my breath away!)
    lady dior large hobo (white woven).jpg lady dior perforated small bag (black pink).jpg cannage long wallet (aged silver).jpg cannage wristlet (aged gold).jpg my dior square wallet (white monogram).jpg
  6. some miscellaneous new dior accessories i spotted - loving flower line and a lady dior keychain that's in the same range as those white woven lady dior bags. :yes:
    lady dior key ring (white).jpg loving flower earrings.jpg loving flower necklace.jpg loving flower ring.jpg
  7. last post of the updates on

    just some accessories/jewellry from the lucky heart and mini dolly lines. :yes:

    i've yet to check out the shoes inventory. :push:
    lucky heart bracelet.jpg lucky heart necklace.jpg mini dolly necklace.jpg mini dolly ring.jpg
  8. hehe, do take pictures of your new belt (if you decide to get it, which i hope you do)! ;):devil:
  9. mini dolly set will be MINE ! :yahoo:
  10. and i was wondering why u only sent one post and then stopped tonight zero ... :yes:
  11. oooh nat! please post pictures of you modelling the mini dolly set! :yes: i can't wait to see them being worn.

    ahhh, i wish i could get that romantic heaven bracelet. :love:

    heh, i think i'm going to have to take a breather (and some sleep) after this post, actually. just the anxiety from checking my results has sapped the life out of me. that and i'm trying to decide between a red chanel or one of those new jeanne bags (since my mom is allowing me 1 bag purchase. OH JOY!) :yes:
  12. i will get it only after i pay my rent hun ! thats my ...hmm february resolution :yes: well i vote for chanel ...:supacool:
  13. heh, at any rate, you'd still be getting them before my bag ban is lifted. :yes: thank god i paid the last third of my rent for the contractual year, at the rate i'm dipping into my allowance to fund those bag purchases, i'm thankful i'm not homeless. (although i probably might just be, since the landlord gave us a warning letter to not allow pets into the house. eek)

    psst, chanel - just red distressed leather or uhmmmm red python?

  14. now - listen to me very carefully girl - RED PYTHON CHANEL ! :yahoo:

    im sorry but jeanne are dull dull dull comparing to it ... they`re dull anyway as if they had "over 65 and not very fashionable" written all over them :supacool:
  15. :nuts:
    could you please write a note to my mom telling her that python bags do not make me look old(er)? :rolleyes:

    i thought the jeanne bags were very ehh... i don't know. it's those exotic skin trims on those jeanne bags, they make me go weak in the knees. and the multi-layer ruffled trims by the edges.