OMG!!! Ladies! I get to go to an H boutique! Michigan? HELP!

  1. Okay so you're all going "what a loser, she's never been to a Boutique?" but just so everyone knows I live in Baumfock Arkansas with no Hermes in sight. The nearest is at least 6 hours away. That is why I'm so terribly excited!!!!

    Well, I am going to Michigan with SO for the week of Thanksgiving to see his family.... and he promised to take me to Troy to whatever that mall is with LV and Neiman Marcus and Hermes!!!!

    I've never been to an Hermes boutique, I am TOTALLY freaking out! I need advice! Do any of you live in Troy? Where is the Hermes? It is in Troy, right? Where is the mall, is it "Twin Oaks?" I think I've heard Rich talk about it.

    Can any of you go with me? Saturday after Thanksgiving? Gosh, I'm so excited. I might be able to talk to an SA there and get an in, I'm going to try to go twice in that week and maybe pick up a scarf or something and talk to the SA's, I don't have enough money to buy a bag or anything big. Anyway, please advise!

    :yahoo: :party: :yahoo:
  2. WOOHOO!!!!!! I'm so happy for you S......may this be the first of many ORANGE trips!!!!

    I've never been to the Troy store so I can't help you there but I do know that they are very nice from the few times I called to try to find a scarf or two. Very helpful and kind!!!!! Have a BLAST!!!!!
  3. You don't know how excited I am, S'Mom! I started crying and tackled him and hugged him, I was so happy!

    AND I'm going to have an H bag to carry!

    :yahoo: There is no icon to express how I am feeling.

  4. Hey hope this helps!
    You are visiting the Beaver (ha ha!!))
    At Neiman Marcus
    2705 West Big Beaver
    Troy, MI 48084
    Tel. + 1 248 643 3300
    Fax + 1 248 643 4437
  5. :yahoo:

    I went to the boutiques a few times before I really 'knew' Hermes. I still have a ton to learn, but you will be familiar there- you will see leathers and colors you know from here, and you will LOVE seeing the bags and products up close. To look at the details of the bags are amazing!!!!

  6. MEGS I am still freaking out. I was on the phone with my mom telling her and she said, "Is he crazy?" :shame:

    Elizabeth, thanks so much for that information! Now all I have to do is figure out where that is in relation to this Twin Oaks mall place. I hope Rich knows!

    Oh, gosh, I need to dress up or something don't I? Thank GOD I'll have my H bag! And maybe I'll wear an H scarf. Now I gotta plan my wardrobe choices! I a total moron for being this ecstatic???
  7. I don't what they stock but if they have bracelets and the such try them on.
    You may not like them now, but you might later on.
    It took me a while to figure out I have big basketball lady hands and a tiny wrist and can't wear the smaller bangle. If I had tried it on before I wouldn't have encountered problems.
    Be sure to try on a pochette scarf as opposed to a big scarf so if you find something on eBay or a resellers site, you'll know beforehand what works or doesn't work.
    Happy Hunting!
  8. You can always post your outfit beforehand here and we can oooh and ahhhhhh!
  9. I went in with jeans and a white top, nothing fancy. You don't need to dress fancy- dress how YOU dress, you don't want to come off as someone you are not, KWIM? So just dress nice but comfortable- it is just a store!!

    you will love it!!!!!!!!
  10. Sarah, that's awesome -- I am pretty sure that Jag shops there sometimes because she posted some pics from the boutique (one of a particularly incredible violet croc piece) a few months ago, but the attachments aren't bringing it up right now. So I would ask her about it. But you will have an incredible time, you already know so much about Hermes, don't worry and have a great time.
  11. This is like.... my mecca.

    Megs, that's so comforting that I can get away with dressing normally :smile: I've seen the ladies get all dressy here to go to H but that must be when they go to the Paris store :yes: I mean, I always look nice but I didn't want to go all out with a dress and heels, kwim? Still, I'll post what I'm going to wear so you fashionistas can tell me yay or nay :smile: I was dancing around the living room a second ago and my SO said "If this is all it takes to make you happy, even knowing you can't buy anything, I would have taken you a long time ago!"
  12. Razorbackbelle0,

    No need to be nervous... like a good H groupie, you have done your research. I am positive you will go into that H boutique and look at the purses, and you will immediately be able to pick off the names of the purses plus the leathers and colours that they are in.

    My only advice is to take some tissue with you to wipe off some of that drool when you are looking at all those delicous goodies...
  13. Sarah-

    This is what I wore when I got my Birkin:


    Jeans, a white turtle neck, and my green poncho. Not even heels- Tory Burch flats that day!! So I was casual but still looked ok I think!
  14. You looked great! You're so tiny compared to that bag, I LOVE it! :tup:
  15. How Exciting Razor! Enjoy!