OMG! Ladies! I did it! WOOHOO!

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  1. OK, so as you all know I don't have an H bag. Well, that's all about to change! My new job gave me a full paycheck instead of half of one after only working a week before payday (I'm on salary) and it was enough to pay for the rest of my first H bag!!!! I shiver every time I think about it. I'm so excited! It's supposed to be shipped hopefully towards the end of this week (as soon as an echeck clears) and then I'll FINALLY be able to do my very own reveal thread (I wanna do a striptease but I think pretty much everyone knows what bag I'm getting) and I'm just sooooo terribly excited waiting to hear that the bag has shipped, I had to share with you all! After months of saving up I finally did it!! There should be a reveal... finally... in my future VERY soon!!!!

    :woohoo: :party: :drinks: :drinkup: :tender: :girlsigh: :nuts: :yahoo:
  2. Oh how exciting Sarah! I am so looking forward to your reveal.
  3. congrats on your first H bag... the first of many....:p:p:graucho::graucho:;)
  4. How exciting, RBB! Can't wait to see your new bag!
  5. That's wonderful news! Congratulations! :yahoo:
  6. Congrats RBB, Congratulations!!! Simply cant wait to see the striptease show...:woohoo::woohoo::woohoo:
  7. Congratulations! I'm soooo excited for you...can't wait for your reveal!:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  8. Yaaay Congrats RBB! Can't wait for the reveal! I am excited for you!
  9. :woohoo::woohoo: that is great news!!! congratulations and can't wait for your reveal !
  10. That's Great, RBB! Congrats to you!
  11. Orange Happiness! Congratulations!
  12. Congrats! It will have been worth the wait.
  13. Good for you! Can't wait to see it! Congrats!
  14. Woot!!!!! Can't wait to see it!!!!
  15. I am so happy for you! What exciting news!!!! :nuts: