OMG ladies.. I bought 2 pairs within 4 days .....

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  1. So I just purchased a Yolanda 120 in Camel patent from Bluefly a few minutes ago... I was so nervous to tell my DH about my first purchase last Sunday but when I finally told him, he was OK with it... NOw, I'm really worried how he's gonna react about this 2nd purchase....

    I'm afraid I might get addicted to this :nuts:
  2. Congrats on your purchases! You can always justify them with the rationale that you didn't pay full retail...... ;)
  3. :lolots:
  4. I TOTALLY understand. :Push: My husband and I have been through this many times.
    He's fairly acclimated to my obscene spending now.

    What was your 1st pair?
  5. Congrats!!! The addiction is on!
  6. You're officially addicted!!
  7. Thanks ladies! I'm so excited!

    @JetSetGo - My first pair was the Bianca in black patent - I should get them by Friday! Hopefully it fits.. I ordered a half size smaller (based on comments here :smile:)

    Now, I wonder if I will actually like/love them when i get them... hhhmmm...
  8. congrats! it's a slippery slope. i am very, very fortunate that my husband is usually pretty okay with my spending as long as i keep it in check :smile:
  9. My dbf was :wtf:, but now that he's gotten used to it he just :rolleyes: and jokes about how i live in "crazytown" where $500 shoes are completely normal.
  10. haha oh yes this is definitely an addiction! very very hard to break! :graucho: we will do crazy thing for CL's!!! congrats on 2 new pairs!
  11. $500! He must be talkin' sale prices ;)
    Either that or you're like me and shave a few hundred off when you tell him the prices.
  12. Yeah, I tried that, but I felt guilty. Now I compare my purchases to his spending (and remind him that I really don't ask for much). :smile:

    Congrats on your purchases and can't wait for your reveals. :biggrin:
  13. He'll be fine once he sees you in them....LOL! Congrats and welcome to the addiction!
  14. Woohoo! I see you have officially joined the CL obsessed club. I started with 1 pair in May and am waiting for my 11th pair to arrive. :blush:
  15. aww I'm still waiting on my first pair lol

    OP congrats on your purchases!
    you must do a reveal with you get them :biggrin: