OMG! Ladies....are my tastes getting OLD???

  1. Hi all! Well, with the spring season coming up and all the new bags being released on March 1st, I have started thinking about what craziness I will be getting myself into next. So...I'm going through that Spring 2007 thread for the hundreth time and I start saying to myself...hmm, no, that's to colorful, no that's too loud, no that's got too many rivets... what the hell is happening to me???

    I have the white mc trouville for spring/summer and I love it, but again I'm asking myself is it too much? Then I was going to buy a marshmellow vernis bag then thought...I don't know, pink? For me?? And now the only bag I can really see myself comfortably carring is the Ivory Epi. Plain, simple. I NEVER used to be plain and simple!! I was a rebel girl! Against EVERYTHING!! What the heck happened??

    Is it that I'm a mom? Or, Dear God, is it my age? I'm 38 now and I can't believe that I'm actually feeling too old or self-conscious to carry these beautiful bags!!

    Oh...please, say it's not the age.....:crybaby: :crybaby:
  2. The MC trouville is for ANY age ! I'm 37 soon to be 38 and I LOVE my MC pieces to death still !!!
  3. I think you're being practical and I don't think practicality should go with age, although sometimes it does. Nothing wrong with buying a piece you know you'll wear so much more. :yes:
  4. Please never feel too old or self conscious to carry a beautiful bag! This is about you noone else!
  5. Oh is my age isn't it??

    I kept thinking "why don't I want to carry these awesome bags?" then thought, geez, I'm acting like my mother!!! Uggg.
  6. i believe in simple and jazzing up with accessories like cles or bandeaus. makes things more versatile. so i don't think it's your age!

  7. :wtf: I've gone from "rebel" to "practical"!!

    Ladies, don't let this happen to you!!
  8. no, you are right!

    EVERYTHING IS too riveted, too loud, too flashy, too MUCH!

    (minus my dentelle pochette, hee-hee,) I cannot stand the new lines!
  9. Nah, it's not your age at all. Think of it as taste refinement. You are still a rebel --- just with a cause now. LOL

    Heck, I'm 45 and I LOVE MC bags and accessories!!!
  10. Nothing is wrong with you. Sometimes the simplest pieces are the most treasure. I think your heart is longing for lighter days like spring and summer.

  11. Ooo, I like your way of thinking!! Thank you! A rebel WITH a cause now, yea, I'm gonna think on that one!:yes:

  12. You go, girl!! Keep on rockin' it!! :yahoo:
  13. Nothing wrong with you! Just that people's tastes evolved as they move on to another stage in their lives (new environment, new lifestyle, new mindset, etc...). I'm not feeling most bags this season too and I'm 29. BUT for the dentelle kirsten and patchwork speedy and bowly.
  15. I often wonder the same thing about myself, but honestly I think as you get older you get more refined and go for the classy styles rather than trendy - nothin wrong with that!