OMG.... Kurt Cobain lives (pics)

  1. "KURT COBAIN LIVES!" That's immediately what I thought when I saw his daughter... I know that there's a celebs and their kids thread but I really thought this deserved its' own.

    Frances Bean Cobain. She's thirteen or fourteen now? LOOK HOW MUCH SHE LOOKS LIKE HER DAD. OMG. Isn't she beautiful?
    04955_frances_bean_cobain_122_486lo.jpg fbpretty.jpg FrancesBean.jpg love_narrowweb__300x430,0.jpg untitled3.jpg
  2. She looks best in the very last pic....

    The fourth pic with Love's boobs hanging out kinda made me vomit a little.... in my mouth...
  3. Yeah it made me throw up in the back of my mouth a little too... LOL. She just looks SO MUCH like Kurt!
  4. wow she really is beautiful! I wonder how many pics she has with her mom accidentally not fully clothed in them?
  5. wow she really does look like him
  6. Love her:heart:
  7. What a shame she has a mother like Courtney though. :tdown:
  8. i like her in the last picture a lot...
  9. yeah, that was i first thought too when i saw her in teen vogue :p
    the blue eyes OMG....
    but sorry to say, i still think kurt's prettier than her LOL
  10. ^^OMG, the eyes! She has her father's piercing blue eyes, it's like looking into his eyes when you look at her. I was trying to find a close-up shot of her eyes but I found this one.

    LOL you're right... I still think Kurt was gorgeous, grunge or no.
  11. Oh wow!! Courtney... *shiverS*
  12. I have to say Courtney looks better than she did-- but that bit about the auction kind of surprised me!
  13. Very cute girl!
  14. She looks 30 years old!
  15. she has her moms old nose.