OMG, Koala agenda, gold hardware fall out fast!?

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  1. hi all, i was just playing with my koala agenda from E lux, but after i put it back to the dust cover, i found my fingers have tiny gold specs, the biggest one is the size of confetti, and some are much smaller than that......i am sure it's from Koala, b/c my lotions don't have those shinney thing.:confused1:

    I was inspecting the agenda to see where the gold specs fell off from, but i can't seem to find it, yet i found there's more gold specs on my hand!:wtf: Do your koala agenda's gold hardware fall off fast? What is going on w/ LV's quality control?:sad: The groom line seems to have some trouble w/the paint job too?
  2. any one?
  3. Call Elux, may be it's defective. It shouldn't peel like that. May be you can exchange it. Good Luck, pls keep us update. By the way, do you have the pics of it?
  4. The size of confetti? Hmm, it sounds like a defect. Please bring the item back for an exchange (as soon as possible). Good luck! :flowers:
  5. Are you sure it didn't come from the gold leafing on the edge of the LV paper inside your agenda? i noticed some gold on my fingertips after writing in my agenda the first time and there isn't gold anywhere else on mine, so im sure it had come from the edge of the paper inside...
  6. thanks everyone, i can't find a visual spot of where the gold had peel off, but i am sure if examine it few more times, perhaps it will be more noticible. Will E lux accept exchange even if i can't pin point where the gold peel off of? They are out of the Damier koala agenda at this time, how long do i have to wait?? >"<

    I love the new combo of Ebate+Elux+No TAX, yet the two shipments all have flaws, first the dust bag for azur speedy have some type of brown oil/grease mark, then the koala+mystirous sticky finger print on the LV box....
  7. nope, i only ordered the agenda cover, not the inserts. But thanks for reply!:yes:
  8. i would have thought it was the paper too, but since you don't have any, that's very confusing...i haven't had any issues with my koala agenda or even my koala wallet yet. but you should definitely take it back and demand a replacement.
  9. When you return the item, attach a detailed note explaining the problem you saw.

    And regarding your second question, I don't know how long you would have to wait. Ultimately, that depends on when E-lux receives their inventory of Damier koala agendas. You could ask them to give you a "rough" time-frame estimate.

    Good luck! :smile:
  10. It sounds like you may have gotten a defective agenda. It definately shouldn't be flaking off like that :s
  11. Very weird!!
  12. I have had no problems with my koala agenda and it sounds like others haven't really had problems either. You should definitely see what elux can do for you!
  13. Perhaps i should exchange for the rose interior of Mono? I plan to use it as wallet(w/filofax), how good is the stain resistance of rose interior? b/c the red epi cles now come in Silver hard ware, not the gold as the display of elux indicates.
    If the rose interor is pretty good w/stain, perhaps i will exchange to mono rose and return the epi cles :sad:
  14. ITA, no problems here.
  15. sigh, just finished the exchange&return process of my order. Somehow the rep i have today is pushing my bottons! :hysteric: When i asked him to check in inventory(more accurate than E lux web) to see if there's any LV Damier Koala Agenda left, he send me the link twice to S/M ring Damier agenda, insist"if you double click the link i post, you should find Damier agenda", i have to scream "KOALA Agenda, the one w/BRASS KOALA Closure, not regular Damier" @_@
    After i told him about how it's flaking, he asked "Did you purchase from E lux?" can i tell him the E lux order number and not order it from E lux!?!?!:confused1:

    thanks for letting me vent, so the verdict is exchange Damier to rose Mono Koala, and return the rec epi cles(since i ordered it b/c it's gold hardware on E lux display back then) b/c it no longer match the interior of rose Mono koala, nor the gold hardware on my Azur speedy 30. I will be fine w/my lime green Coach pouch (it's got exterior pocket which is a plus anyway:amuse: )

    It's more fund to pay the Mirror pochette hehe.