Omg: Kill Me Now!!

  1. Very nice. I'm not overly keen on big bags so I think i'm safe from this one. I'm sure there'll be more to tempt me though.
  2. I've been trying to hold on until the fall bags are out (desperately needing a black bag), but I've been staring at this since it came on the Saks website a few weeks ago... :girlsigh: it may have to come home with me when I see it IRL!... :yes:
  3. ^^^It's the same bag, just photographed at a slightly different angle. :yes:
  4. Oh Prada kill me too!!!! I've been saying to Padparasha that when fall bags come out we are dead!!!! OOOH! Can't wait!!!!
  5. Very pretty!
  6. VERY PURTY! I can't wait to see pics!!!
  7. That is HOT! :drool: I love what Prada is doing with the color fading
  8. Beautiful bag!! :drool: