OMG....just shoot me!!

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  1. Someone please put me out of my misery......
    Once again I have changed my mind...
    Bicester, still had my Lavender Bays waiting to be dispatched..
    well after seeing the Pebble, I can't stop thinking about it!
    So they have swapped the bags for me and now I am getting the Pebble not the Bays.
    I have the lilac Bays in Goatskin and she told me the colour was similar to the lavender and the cream interior was a worry.

    This is my Lilac Bays

    and this is the lavender

    So please tell me I've done the right thing!
    The pictures taken of the Pebble on the thread, really don't capture the beauty of the colour.

    I will keep the little one too, as it's such a handy little bag.
    The antique Mabel is so right for me.....
    so thanks everyone for all their help......if they would only just open up an outlet near me, I wouldn't be sooo indecisive!!
    Please God, I love it!
  2. Well those 2 Bays look very similar, so I think you took the right decision. Pebble Mabel, beautiful!
  3. God, don't ever move near Shepton, you'd be in real trouble!!
    Actually I love the fact there's another person who has bag traumas like mine!
    I think you've done the right thing. The lavender and lilac are v similar and I think you'd end up favouring one over the other.
    The pebble is gorgeous & you know you love the antique Mabel. You made a good decision.
  4. I think you've done the right thing. Two such similar bays just wouldn't get used and now you've seen the pebble colour IRL and know what you are getting I think you'll love the pebble mable it arrives!!!
  5. you will give yourself a heart attack - that bays is gorgeous - pebble is def the right choice as you dont want too that are quite similar - you will love pebble i'm sure!!!!
  6. I know I'll love it....In the pictures it looked very grey but IRL it is such a warm colour and I could wear it with most things.
    I'm pleased I changed my order, this is the last (all but £150) of my vouchers, so my last bag in a while and I wanted it to be a keeper.
  7. Hi Rachie, well done to change the order - didn't realise you had a lilac bays already, pebble is definitely worth the money.

    Does that mean you are keeping the small pebble mabel, or are you going to return it?
  8. No I'm going to keep it, as it'll be really handy for shopping or holidays, as it's so light and handsfree!
  9. #9 Jan 18, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 18, 2009
    Can't find a 'shoot me' emoticon, so this will have to do :noggin:

    Now that that's out of the way.... Rachie, you DEFINITELY made the right choice. Pebble is fabulous and since you already have a lilac bays, there's no need for another of similar colour.

  10. You've made the right choice hun.
  11. rachie, I mentioned that on your other thread - I was surprised you'd gone for the lavender Bays if you still had the lilac one. I think you've done the right thing... although now you're saying there's no pebble Mabel left at Bicester?! :lol:

    Now, step away from the phone ;)

    Definitely keep the little Mabel - it will be so useful :tup:
  12. wow, haven't been on for a while and I can see what a dilemma you have had Rachie, I think you have made the right choice about the bays and the pebble.

    I'm not sure how you will feel about having a regular and small mabel in the same colour? Will you be ok with that?
  13. The small is really doesn't look like a Mabel in the traditional sense. It's kind of boat shaped.
    The two are totally different and I think I will get alot of use out of the small one, especially as I can throw it over my shoulder and go...great for clubbing too! (not that I do much clubbing anymore)
  14. :tup:I agree, you've made the right choice, congrats!
  15. definitely the right decision, the lilac and lavender bays are really similar!! and in my opinion the lilac one is more beautiful than the lavender! :yes: