OMG just receving my first BB.

  1. Finally I can say I own a balenciaga bag. I am so in love with my new Ocean Blue Brief. I want more colors in this style. Ok I am very unfamiliar with BBags, is there another bag which still has similar shape to this one?
    1.jpg 2.jpg
  2. YEAH! Welcome to the Bbag club!!! Your Brief is so pretty. I would say the Purse, Step and RTT are similair to this style.
  3. hi, where can I find pics of the Purse, Step and RTT. thanks so much.
  4. There are plenty of thread on these other bags and they might be posted up in the reference sticky! Hope that helps!
  5. [​IMG]

    ^^ ACK, that's gorgey, congrats!!! :yahoo:
  6. I have only purchased louis vuitton but now I am hooked on balenciaga. Might have to start selling off my LV's to buy more balenciaga. Gosh I am hooked!
  7. Welcome to your new obsession. :graucho:Your bag is gorgeous.:tup: Congrats.:yahoo:
  8. wow, the ocean blue looks gorgeous!! you're going to be addicted soon...congrats!!
  9. WoWser.... what a beautiful bag!!! love the color combo ~! :tup:
  10. WOOOHOOOO welcome to the dark side HEEHEEEE
  11. Congrats! :woohoo: Love the color and I love the brief (I have one too). So... what are you getting for your second bbag? :graucho: You can't stop now!
    Woohoo! my 200th post!!!
  12. congrats!!! Don't you just love the feel of these beauties?????:girlsigh::girlsigh:
  13. WOW what a stunning colour bag but it sounds like others are about to follow???
  14.'re hooked!! LOL!! Gorgeous bag! Congrats! :tup:
  15. GORGEOUS! Congratulations on your first bag. Have you seen the Giant Hobo? It's a really nice style and of course you can always get one the classics with tassels, City, Day or Twiggy which are also gorgeous and weigh next to nothing.