OMG! Just purchased 3 tickets to go to the SPICE GIRLS REUNION!!!

  2. omg i wanna go!!!!!!

    is this only in uk?
  3. so cool I'd love to go where they playing?
  4. No, they're goin around the world, but you had to be shortlisted just to be able to purchase tickets :smile:
  5. It's at the o2 arena, apparently, I'm going on the 4th January! :biggrin: Can't wait :smile:
  6. amazing! i heard they sold out in 38 seconds!
  7. make that 5 tickets!! :biggrin: lol
  8. omg i'm so jealous! I wish they toured here :sad:
  9. Lol I used to love them :biggrin:
  10. if they come to so cal, i will def go!!!!!!!
  11. :crybaby::wtf::wtf::wtf:

    holy cow, scratch that! i jsut chked for tix..

    they're gonna be in l.a and tickets are about $400+!!!!!!!!!
  12. edit edit edit

    okay im seeing diff prices on diff sites now!

    ticket master prices are about $70-120
  13. oooh i got 6 tickets for the 16th dec!!!
    i actually posted about this on the celeb section, didnt know where to put it haha! cant wait! its all ive been talking about haha!
  14. Congrats!
  15. Me too (but for LA)! I'm soooooo happy! I got pretty good seats too :smile: Now this time, Geri, don't quit right before the concert!!! ;)