OMG, Just ordered a Paddington

  1. I have loved this bag for a while now and just placed my order in Nutmeg, so excited, can't believe i'm going to own a paddington (girly squeel):yahoo:

    The guilt pangs are starting to set in as it is slightly beyond my budget :sad: (had to ask for money as an early bday gift)

    Still its a beautiful bag :yes:
  2. Yay, congratulations!!!

    When I bought my last paddington, I thought about how some Hermes boutiques offer a glass of Champagne for you when you buy one. Well, I ordered mine online and didn't have any chanpagne, so I cracked open a beer and toasted the computer screen.

    Enjoy your new Paddy!
  3. Enjoy it- will it have the older larger lock or the newer more back-friendly lock?
  4. HAHAHAHA!!! I like your thinking! :p
  5. Compulsivepurse I think i'll follow in your footsteps and have a celebration for one!

    Queenmab how will I know which lock I have? I've ordered my Paddy from NET-A-Porter
  6. HAHA! Hilarious, compuslivepurse! You'll love your Paddy - money well spent, in my opinion!
  7. The paddy is a great bag and nutmeg is just so pretty! Good for you--ENJOY!!!