OMG! Just had to share...

  1. I work as a waitress in a restaurant here in my town. Usually about once a week this group of snobby/rude girls come in the eat lunch. I think they work at some clinic here in town. They are always ordering me around, along with the other employees. With a group of about 6-8 they leave only 2 bucks on like a $60 bill. Well today one of them walked in with the UGLIEST...GROSSES ...FAKE! I mean it looked like it was made out of that material that makes a funny noise when you walk. I know in the 80's the material was popular in matching sweatsuits! I felt like asking her where she got her bag...but then I decided to behave myself. :p What would you ladies of done if you were me? lol
  2. Nothing, I guess... but I can't believe they order you around and leave such bad tips. How awful. :sad:
  3. Hey Skinny - you are definitely a better person than me. I would have probably put a lil somethin' in their food by now...or "accidentally" dropped it on the floor...:roflmfao:
  4. Ugh! So sorry you have to put up with that type of behavior!
    Guess those girls are not 'all that' lol!:lol:

  5. LOL i know!
  6. I am so snarky and if I knew I could live without my $2 tip...I would have probably made some comment like, " Wow, love your bag. Usually the fakes are so obvious, but this one is pretty darn good." My favorite back handed compliment, reserved for the truly deserving.

    You are a better person then darling BF is usually like behave...when he knows the claws are coming out.
  7. A $2 tip on a $60 bill :wtf:. Next time they do that, run after them and say "Here, you forgot your change" :cursing:.
  8. Oh no, next time give the two dollar tip in front of everyone/her friends to the women with the fake hideous bag and tell her to use it towards an authentic bag.
  9. You ladies are right...i would rather have NO TIP than a 2 dollar tip! Another girl was carrying a Dooney and Bourke...I am pretty sure THAT was even fake.

    shmoo88 and Michele....i will def. keep those comments in the back of my mind!!....I am moving in a few months and if they just happen to come in on one of my last days muahahaha
  10. haha michele that's funny!!

    I help out at my bf's restaurant and sometimes get those type of people. They rattle my last nerve!! It is really irritating to serve a snobby, self-entitled cheap person!! SOmetimes when I get like 0.25 or some ridiculous tip I am tempted to just give it back to them and say that they could use it more than me. So I completely understand your frustrations!

  11. no kidding! i got that idea from the movie Waiting lol
  12. ohhhhh they sound low-class and nasty :graucho: I sincerely hope they haven't genuinely upset you, but you sound like you know the're ridiculous and you are not taking their atittude seriously
    you know what you could do? in Bazaar and Vogue there are full page ads occasionally about how wrong fakes are and how they fund terrorism, exploit child workers, etc. I would tear out one of those pages and somehow find a way to casually drop it on the table while you're pouring their coffee :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :devil:

    PS IN MARCH BAZZAAR, ad is approx. 51 pages into issue (pages are not numbered)
  13. ugh, i can't believe they would leave such a ridiculous tip, Skinny! usually try to bite my tongue in these kind of situations, but sometimes... you just want to teach 'em a lesson or two! i like the suggestions the girls here have. :graucho:
  14. Skinny~ i feel your pain, pp often tell me keep the change so gracefully that it's less than a Quater for a bill of 40 something, i usually just 'dropped' the tray back w/all the coins rattling and said here is YOUR CHANGE back, hehe. Or one will come back from the leaving group to swap a 10 w/ONE, or pick up MY TIP:cursing: , by then i usually tell that person loud and clear please don't pick up money that does not belong to you. gosh, sry about my vent, i am glad you are moving in a few month, hope your next job don't have to deal w/this type of people!
  15. seriously on the issue of fake bag....but as for their attitude, I guess yr boss will say customer is always right??? I thght there a "minimum" tips of abt 15% of the total bill (in US)