OMG just found out...

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  1. Just found out that babies should not have more than 1 g of salt a day and they get it from breastmilk/formula anyway. Well, my 3-week old had a nasal congestion, so I made homemade saline to use as nose drops. Not remembering how much water to mix, I just used very little water and quite a lot of salt. I've put about 4-5 drops in total now in each nostril (not the same time). My little darling also swallowed the drops as they went down the nasal each time and hating the taste of it. Now I'm worried that these drops could be extremely bad for his digestion/organs and may even be fatal as I had read from an article. I'm so worried that I can't sleep. I need to wait til the morning before I can call the doc.
  2. I have no idea but just monitor him/her. Does he/she seem distressed? And is there a 24 hour nurse line or something you can call?
  3. Yes, high sodium intake in infants can lead to kidney damage/failure. Watch for these symptoms:
    swelling of eyes, face, hands, ankles
    frequent urination
    crying during urination
    bloody, cloudy, or dark urine
    poor appetite, vomiting, diarrhea

    Does your pediatrician have an emergency number or nurse on-call? How about a local poison control center? If you truly believe that the salt intake was excessive, I would make some phone calls instead of sitting around and waiting.
  4. Call your ped just to be safe but I overall think it's fine. Just don't do it again.
  5. Also, if your baby is only 3 weeks and has congestion, I'd call the ped right now. Don't try home remedies with a newborn. Anytime they are ill the first 6 weeks the dr wants you to call. And nose drops need to be sterile, therefore you can't make your own.
  6. OP how is your baby today?
  7. this is good info to know!!!
  8. Wow
  9. No updates? I hope the OPs baby was okay.
  10. ^^Oh dear, me too.
    Always call the ped if your baby is having any kind of problem... They honestly don't mind answering all kinds of paranoid questions.
  11. OP, I hope your baby is fine. I'm actually on the other side of the spectrum here, and I'd bet your little guy is just fine. Based on what you say, he had maybe 8-10 drops of salt water total. I highly doubt that was enough to cause any sort of damage.

    I also don't think you need to call the pediatrician every time something with your baby comes up. Would I call because my baby was just congested? No. I would call if he were not sleeping as a result, or if I were constantly having to clean nasal discharge off of him, or he were coughing a lot because it was trickling down his throat. But for a stuffy nose, I'd sit it out. Ditto for one or two days of crankiness, low fever, upset tummy. Would I try a home remedy, though, either? No.
  12. At 3 weeks old I would say they want you to call. A congested nose could be an infection, and I know that any fever or illness in newborns they take very seriously. I was instructed with both babies to not hesitate the first 6 weeks. I had preemies too, so I was worried about everything.
  13. It is very common for newborns to have congestion. Most peds will recommend saline drops as they are safe for newborns, but like others have said not homemade drops because they are not sterile.
  14. homemade drops no good? darn, it was a nurse on the phone who told me to do it. anyways, he's okay right now. still congested
  15. the nurse said to make homemade saline drops? but then why didn't you know the ratio, didn't she tell you how to make them? i would have no clue if i was told to make homemade saline what ratio water/salt. and do you use tap water or bottled?

    i think that was crazy advice coming from a nurse actually. ask for the ped next time.

    glad your baby is better.