OMG, just checked out "I Offer"

  1. and I am truely scared! I had never taken a close look at it before. It looks so easy to purchase these crappy bags and pass them off as real. It is sickening to see all the responses to bags, asking is the bag is "mirror" image, etc. I could tell right off the bat looking at the pics that they were disgusting fakes.

    If someone wants to buy a fake, then whatever. I think it is tacky and would much rather have a Gap purse or a TJ Maxx last season bag, but to each its own. It is when these people resell them that makes my blood boil.

    What a way to make a buck. Pathetic. :rant:
  2. A couple of years ago I had learned about iOffer and decided to just try purchasing a "mirror image" bag, not for resell but for my own. They are super easy to purchase and really look so close to the real thing. I really could never use the bag because I knew it was fake. It just goes to show how easy it is for scammers to get bags and sell as real. It really is sad because they have ruined eBay for real sellers who are honest. So disappointing.
  3. In the past, I've purchsed a "mirror image" marc, and so disappointed (and disgusted) with the quality that I immediately returned it. NEVER AGAIN! the mirror image stuff is never ever good. just so far and away from the real thing.
  4. You are so right. I would never buy one again.
  5. The first time I looked at ioffer, I too was amazed and sickened. I never went back to that site - I was just curious what people were talking about so I looked. :sick:
  6. i discovered iOffer late last year... and i was totally blown away! i was like, "wow!" and then i found the Purse Forum! Thank goodness you all have helped me and i've made the right decision to stick to the real deals!!! woo hoo! i own the real deal bags!!!!! NOT gross fake poorly made ones!
  7. It is kind of like watching a disgusting horror film. You do not want to watch but your curiosity gets the best of you! :P