OMG, Just bought a 04 Lilac on Ebay!!!!!!


Nov 9, 2006
I'm beyond excited!!! I've been waiting for a 04 Lilac for soooooo long, I can't wait to get it Meemie! Anybody knows if BalNY has the 04 Lilac tassels for sale?
Thank you:smile: Just got an email from the seller, she's shipping it out today, I don't think I'll be able to sleep until I get it, my handbag itch can no rest in peace, lol:wlae:
Thats awesome! What a great bag and from a super seller too! I called Balny on Monday about tassels and I was told by Joseph and Kim that they arent processing any tassel orders because of the new inventory and that I should call back next week. They also said they dont have many left and they are waiting for new shipments of them. I dont know if they just blew me off since thats all I wanted, but they were both very nice. I dont have the # here with me, but its worth the call for tassels. Congrats on the new bag!
Thanks Donna! I just called BalNY and spoke with Sarah/Sara and she said that they only have the 05 Lilac tassels, I'm assuming it's the 04 Lilac she's talking about??? suggestions from anyone?

UPDATE: Alright, Just ordered the tassles anyways, she said she was looking at the swatches there and there's no 'lilac' in 04, but I mentioned it's the same season with Rose and Marigold, so she said it's called a different name.....Ordered it anyways, we'll see:smile: Sarah/Sara was a sweetie!