OMG just back from the boutique...saw ALL of upcoming Spring 07 Line!!

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  1. OMG I went into the boutique today to buy the groom of the SAs was like "NICOLE!! I need to show you something!!"

    She disappeared into the back and came out with the binder of alllll the pics and info about the upcoming stuff!!!

    I saw pics of EVERYTHING--heart shaped coin purse, etc etc

    I am the first person on the waiting list for the new Mini Lin color "Dune" Speedy is GORGEOUS!!!

    The binder had pics of the LVOE totes, patchwork stuff....everything!!!

    SUCH cute stuff coming out!!!!!
  2. Details, details details!!!! Need more info LOL LOL

    Lucky you!!
  3. Details, details, we need details! ;) What does the Dune color look like? When does it come out? Is the heart thingy really cute...a must have? I'm hoping my SA will show me the book when I go see her next Wed! :graucho:
  4. There was SO MUCH to take in...saw pics of the white Epi line which, interesting enough, is not coming in the Speedy 30, just the 25 so far :sad:

    There were the "buttons" bags and some GORGEOUS stuff that looked like it had some type of floral/toille applique on it!

  5. OK Dune is STUNNING!! It is alittle hard to tell from the pics, but the SAs and I agreed that it looks like it is a white/ivory color with a light sand colored LV logos on it. Did I already say it was stunning?!?!? LOL

    The heart accessory is DARLING but so far not something that I feel that I HAVE to have.

    Def. make sure to ask for the book!! My store just got it today...they didn't have it in last night when I called.
  6. wow, ok I need to go down to LV now!!
  7. They sound so cool.
  8. Sounds cool but I won't have time to go to the store not after Christmas.Thanks fpr the update..bah..I can see myself getting speedy mini lin in dune..
  9. reading ur post makes me wanna run to LV .. :smile:
  10. Me too! I was already planning to go to fashion square this weekend.
  11. OMG!!!!! :wtf:

    A Dune Speedy sounds absolutely delicious! I was planning to get the white epi one and now I'm stuck! This is going to be one tough choice! Argh!!! :hysteric:
  12. Thanks for the update Nicole! I'm very excited for the new stuff, but scared of the price tag lol.. :biggrin:
  13. Agreed! :yes:
  14. omg... I going to have to go to 5th Ave to see this collection.
  15. oh man! what was the heart coin purse made of..? vernis? *adds to list..* ehehehe...:smile: