OMG, I've Turned DH Into a Bag Snob!!!

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  1. We all know how enabling this forum is as far as buying too many bags (fess up, we all do it!), but I never in a gazillion years thought I'd end up turning the DH into a bag snob!!!

    I've been laid up the past month with a blown disc in my back and then from the surgery last week, so I've had TOO much time on my hands to shop online. Yesterday, the motherload of my shopping arrived. I got a new Cole Haan black satchel handbag and a beautiful sort of denim blue Michael Kors studded hobo yesterday in the mail. Since I've been laid up, I've been carrying my open top Prada beige hobo since it's a smaller bag and easily accessible for INSURANCE CARDS & CO-PAYS (grr) at hospitals and doctor's office.

    Yesterday afternoon, all three bags were sitting on a chair in the living room. Just for the heck of it, I asked DH to give the three bags a good look, touch, whatever and tell me which HE liked the best. Either I've rubbed off on him or he just plain has learned to appreciate the really good stuff, but after giving all three bags a good going over, he said that without queston, the Prada was the one that he liked the best!

    Mind you, Cole Haan and Michael Kors aren't exactly cheap discount department store handbags, but I couldn't help but feel I have done my job well as a designer handbag loving wife when he went for the Prada. :supacool:
  2. Sighs.

    Firstly - hope your recovery is going well! (ouch!)

    Secondly, I wish my hubb could be just a leetle picky w/ bags. To him, a bags-a-bags-a-bag. Hmmph. So not!

    Congrats on your good work. Speedy recovery!!
  3. I totally understand your point! Mine even though he complains about my new buys he always complents!

    :yahoo: :yahoo: Mission accomplished! Congraulations!
  4. complements I mean!
  5. Good job, you've trained him well :lol:

    P.S. Hope your surgery went well and your back feels better!
  6. It's funny my DH hates when I buy expensive bags...well truthfully he doesn't know how expensive they really are and I think he is smart enough not to ask. But anyways I had some pictures of bags on my computer that I was pondering which one I really wanted. One was the BV ball, the other a Gryson Skye bag, and the other a bag from anthropologie. He happened to see the pictures so I asked him which bag he liked and he stated from all of them he liked the BV Ball. He would probably change his mind if he knew the price.
  7. cute story! get well soon
  8. Haha hope you get well soon! Go prada psycho husband.
  9. That is sooo funny!! You have done your job!