OMG Ive never saw this

  1. That is cute...I've never seen it either.
  2. that's very cute!
  3. I love the stephen sprouse print
  4. Never seen that before it even real/authentic?
  5. Very cute...Not something I would have thought LV would have created.
  6. :drool:
  7. When I was at LV in Selfridges I was looking at the pictures of the Amarante inclusion stuff and they had pictures of a pendant with the leopard print that looked like that. From recollection, I think it came with two pendants, one a heart and one a flower, both with the leopard print and the strap was vachetta. I didn't think it had been released yet though so don't know if that's authentic or not.
  8. Wow that is cute! i've never seen it either!
  9. love it!
  10. I would wear it, but I can appreciate its cuteness :p
  11. Oh that is cute.
  12. radikon is a reputable seller he/she sold many LV vip/limited items for the last past years
  13. that would be ADORABLE as a bag charm!!
  14. I would LOVE it something that is coming out soon????