OMG!! I've found a 2004 Black First as NEW !!!!

  1. Hi Ladies !!!!

    I have today the best saturday ever with 2 lovely Pfers :love: here in Paris !!!!

    I met Roo and BabyBoo at the Bon Marché in Saint Germain des Près !!!

    Roo makes me discover Jo Malone perfumes which smell like heaven ....
    And after that we walked to have lunch to Ladurée rue Bonaparte (my favorite Tea Room in Paris)...
    While we were walking BabyBoo hopefully reminds us that there is a great 2nd Hand Shop with sometimes Bbags not far of course we followed her;) ...
    And we found a treasure :
    a Black First from 2004 (B on silver tag) in new condition :yahoo: !!!!
    Not a single scrath, perfect corners, mirror, tags and extra tassels !!!
    (just a broken tassel and no dustbag)

    It was too good to be true : I told the SA to hold it for me while we had lunch !!!
    During our exquisite lunch at Ladurée : superRoo checked on the internet on her mobile the tag ...and OMG the dream becomes true !!!!

    So I bought the bag :supacool: !!!

    We've inspected the precious with Roo and BabyBoo :
    It has the yummiest leather ever !!!
    Thick and soft as butter !!!!

    After this fab find we walked through Rue du Faubourg St Honoré, rue Cambon (yes we went to the mythic Chanel Boutique ;) ), and then at the Printemps my lovely SA gave me a B-First dustbag and extra tassels to make the new Baby perfect !!!!

    Sorry for this long post but I really had to share this perfect day
    with Roo and BabyBoo
    with you !!!!

    I'll post pics later : I have to charge my camera first !!!
  2. Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:smile:
  3. congratulations on your beautiful find!!!!!!!! enjoy her
  4. Congrats!!! I'm really happy for you!
  5. That is soo awesome! :nuts: An '04 Black first omg! Sounds like you guys had such an amazing time! :yahoo:
  6. Soooo fun!!! And a Balenciaga found a new home too. What a great day!
  7. omg that is so exciting!!! Cant wait to see pictures!!
  8. Wow!!! Good for you!!!!
  9. WOW congratulations!!! What a fabulous find. I can't wait to see the pictures. It sounds like you had a fabulous day.
  10. oh wow! that sounds like such a fun day and then to top it off you had such an amazing find! Congrats!!
  11. OMG OMG OMG!!!
    it must be a GREAT day for you three, especially you, fromparis

    how did the bag end up with you :P three of you don't scratch each other right? :P

  12. That first was like BUTTAH... what a score for fromparis!!!

    There was also an 04 (?) Black City with silver hardware as well...

    I loved the first but alas it would be too small for all my junk, so I'd rather it go to a loving home :heart:

    As it is, I have done all my xmas shopping so best I stop before the CCs are worn out!
  13. What a great day and a great find! The older bags are the best.
  14. Im jealous of you bing in Paris!!
  15. :yahoo: Congrats!!!!!:yahoo: What a wonderful day you had!!!! Meeting up with PFers and getting a gorgeous bag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:heart: