OMG!!! it'shereit'shereit'shere!!!!!!!!

  1. i'm SO freaking excited!!! :yahoo: (LOL, in case the title didn't give it away!) i've been wanting a vespa bag ever since i first stumbled across this forum and actually got up the courage to check out the bags at H (normally, i stop at the entry threshold, stunned by the bracelets and scarves...LOL!). the vespa was the first bag i tried on, and it was love !

    and, after missing my chance once (note to self: hesitate, and all is lost), i FINALLY have her in my hot little hands...all the way from switzerland in just 2 days!!!

    navy veau epsom with gold HW.....and MINE, all mine! :smile: i just can't believe it....H fate works in mysterious ways! she's soooo pretty! and the leather, my god the leather...i'm in so much trouble now that i've tasted blood...LOL!

    i know the vespa doesn't quite get the love that evelyne gets on this sub, but i just adore sings to me more than the evelyne for some reason. i am going to send her off to see claude in NYC, as he said he'd put a longer strap on so that she's easier to wear messenger-style....but i have to keep her for at least a few days first, as i can't bear to part with her yet!

    i'm posting a lot of pics because when i was looking, i didn't find very many vespa pics here :smile: and, i'm also including a pic of my VERY humble H collection, just because i wanted the vespa to feel welcome :smile:

    and, by the way, a very special thanks to hello2703 for helping me make sure i got the real deal, and for being excited with me before it even arrived :smile: and to shopmom and LaVan for answering lots and lots of questions as well! :love: you ladies are all so great...really!

    and, just because she's cute...
  2. Oh it's a beauty! Congrats!
  3. awwww, congrats! That is divine! So beautiful! I love your dog!
  4. i love the navy/gh combination.
    and i like the vespa style very much.
    are you 100% about having the longer strap made? only because then it will effect how long it hangs down when it's not worn messenger-style.
    very beautiful.
  5. Oh, I love the Vespa! Yours is just beautiful and it looks fabulous on you. "Woof" to your charming and patient doggie!
  6. Gorgeous on you!!! Congrats!

    Aww, love the pic with doggy too - lol!
  7. aww congrats...
  8. thank you so much, everyone....i'm sitting here, just :nuts: at her, all propped up on my table with my scarf and bracelet...hee hee!

    HiHeels, thanks for the compliments - i love the navy/gold too :smile: as for the strap, i'm not 100% sure.....but i got this as a bag that would be perfect for travel, and so i'd really like it to be able to work messenger-style. i'm trying to figure out the minimum that could be added so that i could wear it cross-body, but still wear it on the shoulder if i wanted to.....

    i love the way it hangs on my shoulder now, though....although i'm not normally a 'shoulder bag' person. i think i'd end up wearing it mostly messenger-style, to be honest....maybe i'll try her out for a few days and see how it goes first.

    decisions, decisions!!
  9. CUTE!!!! Congrats shoppingsmycard!!!
  10. Looks great on you; great pictures! Congratulations!
  11. OMG, it's gorgeous, and it's fab on you!

    I also think it's fab on your wonderful dog. I like the vespa very much, but I think I might be in love with the hound!
  12. It's WONDERFUL! And it looks wonderful on you!!
  13. Love it and love your dog! Congrats!
  14. A great bag! So happy for you! And I have that same bracelet!! (which means I've got good taste!...especially since I LOVE your bag!).

    Congrats! Enjoy!
  15. It's beautiful. Congrats.