Omg!! It's Here!!!!!!

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  1. You look so good ! You will brighten many people's days as they see you. Wonderful choice of your first H bag. Enjoy it! It looks like an ice cream.
  2. WOW, I love your Birkin and the hippo. And the Belles du Mexique plisse... stunning on your!!!

  3. omg..........shes soooooooooooooooo lovely!! major congrats girl!!!!!!!
  4. wintotty..gorgeous...the color is so lush...congratulations!!

  6. WOW, She's GORGEOUS!!!! So glad you got such a great bag and that plisse....... *le sigh*
  7. [​IMG]

    WOW -- Congratulations!

    What a fabulous match... I love it, it's perfect.
  8. It's Absolutely Gorgeous & looks So Fabulous On!!!:love:
  9. :heart::heart::heart: w/ The plisse!!!!
  10. :yahoo:She is gorgoues!!!:tup: CONGRATULATIONS!!! :heart:
  11. Just so beautiful, Wintotty! You must be proud!
  12. OMG gorgeous color!! I love your new birkin.. congratulations!!
  13. Oh...thank you so much everyone.... The bag is so fabulous, I don't know why I didn't try to buy H-bag much sooner. Quality is amazing, and color is so deep and vibrant.....I just can't keep my hands off from her!
  14. wow wintotty! your vert chartreuse is amazing! that is the exact color i want in the 30cm!
    i see you have jumped from Chanel to H! :graucho: I'm about to get sucked in! CONGRATS!!

    is the clemence in the 35 heavy?
  15. gorgeous!