OMG!! It's here!! Where's my camera????

  1. The 2004 Marron Weekender just arrived!! I went sprinting to the door to go fetch it.:yahoo:

    It's so pretty!! Super soft too. I'm going to cry this weekend when I hand it over to my BF's mom.:crybaby:

    Pics coming soon:wlae:Just have to tear apart my room now...
  2. congratulations!! cant wait to see your gorgeous bag :smile:
  3. Here it is:


  4. Oh and I look like a mess. I went diving for the door once I heard a knock.
  5. Oh . . . nice, and you look great!
  6. liz... looks very nice....
    may i ask you how tall you are? i want to get a weekender but not sure if it will look too big on me or not since i am only 5'4"
  7. luv it!!! u should keep it!! :graucho:
  8. Gorgeous, congrats!
  9. I am a shrimp!! I'm 5'2 and my weight is about 95-102 depending on if I hit the gym.

    *Running to bathroom scale*

    Currently 100.5 pounds in the photo.
  10. And Thanks Ronda, you're too kind :tender:

    I am contemplating a weekender for myself too :P

    My Courier should be here tomorrow:yahoo:
  11. Great leather!
  12. That bag is tdf!! :heart: I love the weekenders!! :love:
    Your bf's mom is gonna be one happy lady!!:yes:
    And it looks so good on you - I think you should get one for yourself, too:P
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