OMG!!! It's here! It's gorgeous! I love it!


Jul 31, 2006
Thanks again everyone - for the congrats on the bag AND the baby! It feels so nice to have such a warm welcome into the world of bbags!

And I'm completely obsessed with the bag. It's not raining today, so of course I had to use her right away (after petting her all last night) and I can't stop staring at her! I absolutely adore the color - right now, she looks midnight blue. In the car this morning, she was black w/dark blue (almost navy) undertones, and in the light by my office window (yes, I've walked her around my 5 foot office to see how she looks in different light! LOL!), I started to see more green. I'm sooo happy with this color, I can't describe it!

Sassy - I was thinking the same thing (and was thrilled b/c when I saw the pics of your bag, all I could think was "wow, I hope mine looks as nice as that)!

candiesim - I can't wait until you get your anthra! I'm sure you'll be thrilled with it!

nicole2730 - definitely go for it - this color is to die for and the leather is just unbelievable!

vbskull - o/t but 4 DAYS?! Yikes - at least here it was just yesterday, but we did have one of the rainiest springs ever last year (I think it was last year, with the amount of "baby brain" I'm experiencing lately, it might have been last week!). I hope the weather there breaks soon - that's just depressing!

Anyway, thanks again for the lovely comments everyone, I know I've said it before, but I'm so excited to have a bbag!