OMG!!! It's here! It's gorgeous! I love it!

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  1. Well, my very first bbag - an anthra city - came from aloha rag today :yahoo:!!! I was so excited, I popped out of work and grabbed it and came back.

    I LOVE IT!!!!!! The color is perfect - I told the SA that I wanted one that was on the "bluer" side and couldn't be happier with what they picked - it's definitely like a dark slate blue - in the light here at work, it looks much more like a very deep shade of blue rather than gray. Of course it has now started raining, so I can't take her outside to get a feel for how she looks in natural light, but I am sooooo thrilled! The leather is absolutely stunning too - so very soft. Up until now, the only other bbags I've felt were a couple of '06 firsts at NM in KoP (albeit briefly) and leather on those did not feel this good - smooshy and very soft (the ones I felt before were firmer and smoother).

    And I have to give "props" to aloha rag. They have been so wonderful to deal with from the first email through picking the bag and shipment. Even the way they wrapped it was wonderful.

    Ladies, I am so excited to join your ranks as a proud bbag owner!

    I have to actually tear myself away from the bag and finish up some work and then pick up my daughter, but I will try to post pics once I got home. I already told my husband that we can each sleep with our perspective bday presents tonight since I won't be able to focus on a whole lot else (he just got a PS3 for his bday last week and this was an early gift for my bday on the 25th)! Of course, my bag is much nicer to curl up to!

    Anyway, I just wanted to share and will post pics as soon as I can!
  2. Congrats! My Anthracity is also on the blue's the only blue bag I have and I think will probably ever have because it's the perfect blue for me.

    Pix please!!!!!! I'm sure she's gorgeous, but I want to see!
  3. Did you do the entire transaction over email, or did you talk to them on the phone when describing the color you wanted?
  4. PICS! PICS! PICS! :yahoo:
  5. CONGRATS! I can't wait to see pics!
  6. Sorry, double post!
  7. CONGRATS you lucky thing I'm so happy for lots of pics as soon as possible!:yahoo:
  8. Sounds beautiful, can't wait for pics!!!
  9. CONGRATS :yahoo: We want pics please....
  10. Thanks everyone! I promise I will try to post pics tonight (sometimes my home computer SUCKS, but if it's giving me a hard time, I'll take pics and post them first thing when I get into work)! I know how much we all like seeing them - blame work and my child for keeping me from doing it sooner! LOL!

    fiatflux - I actually did the entire transaction over email, but described what I was looking for in both color and leather (including sending them a link to a thread here with a pic of someone's gorgeous anthra city that was my ideal of both). It made me a bit (ok, more than a bit) nervous to do it that way, but they really care about making their customers happy and it's apparent that they used the info I supplied them with to help pick the bag!
  11. Congrats!!! Can't wait to see her
  12. congrats on your anthracity!:yahoo:can't wait to see pics. :yes:

    my anthracity is also has blue in it, sometimes teal blue depending on the lighting and time of day. i'm still amazed by this color. :heart:
  13. Congrats! And Happy (early) Birthday:balloon:
  14. hahaha...!! i bet the both of you are going to have beautiful dreams...!! nothing better than to get what you truly want as a gift!
  15. :yahoo::yahoo: Yea!! Congrats on your first bbag!!

    It sounds lovely!! I can't wait to see pics!! :yes: