OMG!!! It's here and so shiny!!

  1. My new baby is revealing itself!!



  2. omg, is it the Eva
  3. my guess one of the new Le cosmetic cases that were released today
  4. 02-01-08_1323.jpg
  5. miroir cosmetic case? :nuts:
  6. :woohoo:Woohoo show some skin!! :woohoo:
  7. ok i change my guess, i say cosmetic case too
  8. 02-01-08_1324.jpg

  9. Silver Cosmetic case!
  10. Congrats, Miroir is GORGEOUS.
  11. Ohh I'm changing. Gold Mirror Case. I've seen it on your wishlist :p
  12. I can't wait to go get mines...! The store still hasn't called!
    But Unwrap it quickly now! ;D
  13. Congrats! Be back for more pics....
  14. what is it...:confused1: open it...:graucho:
  15. Ohh let me see...I am getting one too. I cant decide between Pomme or Gold