OMG! It's HAUNTING me!!!!!!!!

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  1. As if it wasn't bad enough that every card I received for my birthday somehow mentioned or referred to getting a birkin (including a card from my PHH), but now, in a moment of relaxation I turned to read my horoscope in this month's In Style and it read:

    The urge to buy a Birkin bag or perhaps the house of your dreams means you've got money matters on your mind. Look and you may find the pipeline of funds you want....blah blah blah

    I AM NOW OFFICIALLY GOING NUTS!!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!:roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  2. need a birkin.....even the gods are telling you so......!!!!!
  3. Wow that is definitely a sign!!!! :nuts:
  4. LOL. And I always thought horoscopes were nonsense. Shows how little I know.
    Happy BIRTHDAY!!!
  5. ooh yes......happy birthday jag!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Happy Birthday Jag. And may your birkin dream come true! :love::flowers::graucho:
  7. :Push: Happy Birthday!!!!! Sorry, I was so excited about the birkin I forgot to say that! :party:
  8. Thank you!!! I had a great b-day last week!!! I just hope this is yet another sign that my birkin will be mine soon enough!!! Even my PHH is laughing and getting a kick out of this! (Of course, he is a tad sadistic) LOL!!!!
  9. OMG that is just tooo funny, Jag! I spit wine all over my keyboard when I read your post!!!!! THIS is a sign and that's for SURE!

    so....since my brain can't hold information for longer than a nanosecond lately, what Birkin are we looking for for you? (don't fry me but I think meno is closer than I thought!)
  10. :lol: :lol: :lol: You crack me up, Jag!

    The Birkin will definitely be yours SOON...;)

    It's a sign!!! :nuts:
    (like how John Cusack said it in the movie "Serendipity")
  11. LOL! D - I have changed my mind so much lately- I can hardly keep track anymore! But one bag still remains at the top of my list- the 30cm Blue Jean (togo or clemence) Birkin:heart::heart: And I have been offered a few(not by Hermes, but by other sources), but the timing has been awful each time. I am on the NM waitlist, but who knows what will happen with that:wtf: So, I guess I just have to wait and see for now. :girlsigh:
  12. ^^ love that movie!!!
  13. OMG- Gigi- I loved the movie Serendipity!!! I hope your right!!!!!
  14. Happy birkin to you
    happy birkin to you
    happy birkin, dear
    happy birkin to you!!:drinks:
  15. that movie. I try to see everything Joan Cusack is in....she's so wonderful!

    ok back to topic.....Jag. Really, your Birkin is seriously on its way. You'd better clear the cc's and bulk up the checkbook!