omg, it's freakin' adorable--the Carlywristlet!


Feb 4, 2007
I got it from the store today--guess it wasn't special order, they had it in stock. the price was $128 retail, and the tax for my whole order was like $57. I took pictures of it and then took pictures of it right next to my black signature wristlet for size/width comparison. It's so darn cute--I can't wait to get my Carly to go with it!!! :tup::tup: I'd post pictures but cannot figure out how to do them!

I know - I got a Carly and I could not resist the draw on a matching little cute mini baby-Carly. *le sigh* I think the Carly wristlet really follows through the Carly detailing so perfectly. It's the cutest thing!
AWESOME! gotta love PCE! I am thinking about the carly wristlet in cotton to match my new slim tote... i'll take a peek on sunday when i hit up the boutique