OMG its finally here...... blingtastic!!!

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  1. ^^ cool. Im so jealous of that bag was confused why a comment like that would be said. Glad it was just a misunderstanding :biggrin:
  2. Yea, everyone has their own preferences. Chloe may not be the most sought after bag nowadays since there's so much hype about other bags so it makes all of us chloe gals a little different, edgy, and eclectic. With that, comes diff personas. But its nice to know the that the love for chloe bags can make everything OK again!!!
  3. Congratulations
  4. missunderstanding sorted out now lol!
  5. Glad to hear it! :tup::heart:
  6. hey you where you been?

    i think it was a battle between two chloe divas???

    thats what were saying anyway!
  7. Lol battle of the bling :P

    I've been dotting around but I havent bough a new bag in a good 3 weeks so I'm doing fantastically well lol :nuts:
  8. oh well done you!!!
    its hard isnt it!
    i havent been on ebay for ages now!
    but have bought a couple of bags!!!
  9. You should do an updated collection post! I'd love to see them all together. I have no idea what bags you still have now lol