OMG its finally here...... blingtastic!!!

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  1. they are great colour and always look stunning!
    you must add a paddington to your collection!
  2. ^^^ LOL - I am seriously contemplating it. I think a chloe would really add a certain zing to my handbag collection.
  3. absolutely!!
  4. ^^^ what's the word I am looking for ? Is it enabler PMSL :P

    Seriously .. totally gorgeous.
  5. OMG!!..really great it.Congrats!!
  6. wow, amazing
  7. Wow!!! It's so pretty. I always wanted one like that!!
  8. Very gorgeous! Its like the bootleg do-it-yourself almost vegas paddy! Very impressive :tender:
  9. #99 Aug 21, 2008
    Last edited: Aug 21, 2008
    yeah i know!!!
    i love it! with argent silver its very bling to!
  10. Have you taken her out yet?
  11. B*M*B where did you manage to find your bling lock?? Been meaning to ask you for ages!
  12. i got it on ebay, from a seller that got it from net-a-porter!
    it was in new condition with tags still on!

    i love it because i can just have my normal lock on it some days!
  13. :sad: no

    im waiting for some protecter from lovingmybags!

    that and today ive been told i have a tacky wana be vegas:crybaby:

  14. Who the hell said that??!!!!! I like your argent colour better than the vegas.
  15. I said it and the issue has been resolved between BMB and I :flowers:

    It was a total misunderstanding!