OMG its finally here...... blingtastic!!!

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  1. ^^^ the bag was a free gift from a friend....
  2. wow what a generous friend to just *give* that away. amazing! and you were questioning whether to get it thats crazy :nuts:

    well done!
  3. i know....
    i wanted to make sure i wanted it first.
    its so nice!
  4. Awesome! Well I just got my very first Balenciaga so im having fun with that :tup: I didnt know what to do with it at first- so different to Chloe but I am quickly in love! :heart:

    I hope you'll enjoy using your new bag!
  5. WHAT??? A FREE PADDY? :yahoo:
    Well, that is just IT... I am not going to talk to you anymore! :P
  6. yeah free chloe!!

    oh go on you have to talk to me!
  7. :wtf:

    Now I don't think anyone can beat that!!! That's the biggest bargain ever!

    Sheesh, I wish I had your friends :nuts: Tell them they can come over to Oz, I'll be their friend and they can shower me with Chloe bags too! haha.
  8. How did you pull that one off missus??....teach me oh great one!! :roflmfao:
  9. i bought a very good fake and when i told her that she said i have a balck paddy sitting doing nothing!!! needs a good home!
  10. Happy ending then.....hope you managed to get your money back!
  11. yeah i was refunded and told to not bother returning it!!!
    this fake bags just sitting at the bottom of my wardrobe gathering dust now!!!??
    ill never use it!
  12. That is one gorgeous bag BMB! Love the colour - it is stunning. LOL - just nosing round the other forums at the moment!
  13. ooo anything caught your eye?
  14. uuh - it's so shiny! :graucho: very bling bling endeed. Congrats! Take care of it well.
  15. Well - definitely the paddingtons (loving the aubergine and silver/metallic ones).. The slouchiness of the leather and fab padlock is just gorgeous...:tup: (your collection is very cool :supacool:)