OMG its finally here...... blingtastic!!!

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  1. so i tracked the package online today and it was being held a couple of miles away from me, yesterday i had paid the customs charges and was expecting it prob by wens/thurs according to parcelforce!!!

    i thought thats madness and so i phoned them up and moaned that i have been waiting for this package for ever cant i just come and get it my self!

    so i did.....

    on the box the declared value was $700...... i only paid $400 for it!:cursing:

    so i was left with huge charges that amounted in the end to near £100 which i thinks sooo unfair!:shrugs:

    anyway i take the package and go and sit in my car... i thought i cant wait until i get home ill open it here!

    i fought open the packaging to reveal som tissue paper, i thought oh it better not have the dustbag missing to!

    i pulled out the tissue and unwrapped it to reveal the most beautiful bag i have ever seen!

    it is so soft and floopy, sloughy, sooo yummy!!!

    will post tonight with the lock!!!!:yahoo:
  2. Such a tease! :P haha. I thought this was the pictures....Can't wait until you add them.

    Really weird for the bag to be declared at such high value! I'd be annoyed at that too!
  3. But can't you proove by your ebay data/papers that you've only paid $ 400? If you present these it should be possible....
  4. sounds gorgeous, can't wait to see pics:heart:
  5. so glad you got it! can't wait to see pictures.
    that is pretty mean that the person put more than you paid on the box, some people are so weird and horrible!
    It's a shame that there isn't a service( or person) avalible in each country that people could buy on ebay, get sent to that person and they ship to you in the most sensible way, as not to pay taxes etc. I suppose they would have to be very trustworthy though. I saw someone asking about it on the ATC thread the other day, seems like there's a gap in the market to me:smile:
  6. Im sure there is a service that does that for a small fee in the US certainly but they will ship to other countries. Im not sure of the name right now but it does exist :yes:

    I really hate customs- such a pain. Luckily ive never paid for than about £30
  7. ok her she is, isnt she gorgeous!

  8. Wow what a stunner! Why havent you put your blingy lock on her immediately? lol
  9. pics with the rhinestone padlock!

  10. :drool:Omg, its the most beautiful paddy ever:heart:
  11. Very nice indeed! Will you use the blingy lock most of the time or just for special occasions? And is that your house???

  12. wow!, the lock goes really well with the bag. so are you happy, was it worth the wait?
  13. no thats my mums!! looks posh doesnt it,

    im not sure, ive got it hanging on my bedroom door, i just keep staring at it!
  14. HA! If you take that blingy thing out in the sunlight, you are likely to get arrested for blinding the airplanes flying overhead!! :P
    LOOKS FAB, with our without the blingy lock! CONGRATS!
  15. yeah, it seems like ive waited ages for this to come.

    expensive purchase wit the keychain and padlock, but its so gorgeous!
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