OMG, it’s finally happened to me…

  1. It’s finally happened, my eBay account has been suspended due to “Trademark Violations”… I’m at a lost for words here… I have receipts for the Balenciaga and Louis Vuitton bags I listed, taken the pictures myself and watermarked them… good grief, what else does eBay want?

    I responded to the suspension notice but what good will it do? Will they even respond to me with anything that makes sense? Or will they just send me another canned response? Is it even worth it to call eBay?

    GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!! This just makes me so freaking sad because I can point out 100 fakes on eBay right now with bids on them. WTF?
  2. So sorry this has happened to you!
    From what other suspended Tpfers have said ebay won't even entertain your emails for a week or more.
    I really hope you manage to sort it out.

    I was going to list my LV a few months ago, but after hearing all the horror stories decided to just keep it.
  3. Oh I am sorry! Don't get so upset, ebay is sooo bad right now! They keep pulling the listings from reputable sellers, and the fakes are still there, which to me makes no sense. I don't think ebay will even the emails, my account was restrictes too, and it was just the same email always.
  4. Write directly to , explain what happened and see what they tell you. If you have no priors of counterfeit cancelations for fakes they'll send you a 'promise' form to download, sign, and fax back saying you won't sell anymore. Yes, I know, you didn't sell any to begin with but you practically have to eat dirt to get reinstated. They may turn you down anyway. They did me no matter what I said but the above was the process.
  5. Dispute it. Their new system definitely doesn't work. I searched "koala wallet" to see the selling prices, and they were ALL selling for $100....what the....yea, fakes...
  6. I had issues with Ebay last week. I lost sales b/c of it. I sent quite a few lengthy emails, but got no reasonable replies. just the same gibberish about them trying to be protective of their customers. I am so tired of them. It's not really worth the hassle or time for me to deal with Ebay and their bogus "protection" policies.
  7. I don't feel any better after a night's sleep :crybaby: They want me to sign something stating that I won't ever sell fakes again! What? I never did :cursing: How can they mess around with people's reps like that? I'm not a business, just someone trying to fund new bags :crybaby: :crybaby: I don't know what to do here...
  8. that's so terrible! i don't understand why they pull so many auctions from good people and yet there are countless fake auctions that never get pulled!
  9. I'm getting mad on all your behalfs (sp?) reading this!
    I can't believe ebay is being so stupid, especially when I see a TON of fakes when I'm browsing for authentic items. Also, since many of the fakes are SO obvious, why aren't those being pulled? Too weird for words.
    I'm not sure about the whole signing the "I won't ever sell fakes again" document. That seems so fishy to me, what in the world does that accomplish (even if the person who sells it has sold fakes the in past)? If it were me, I would NOT sign it, I don't think anyone should admit to wrongdoing when they have been honest.
  10. oh good luck. your circus has begun.
  11. aw i am so sorry :sad: i dont ever sell on ebay just cause i dont want to pay fees but i am so sorry for all of you dealing with their stupidity

    its like the few nice ppl trying to sell real items are being cut off and all the fakes are being left listed,,,, its like an ebay conspiracy to get the fakes sold, covered up by them acting like they are trying to help!
  12. It's at times like this that I wish there was a magic wand facility on TPF :sad: . So hope this is resolved and you restore your faith in online trading.
  13. I wouldn't sign a dang thing that said anything about fakes!! That's nuts!!
  14. Yeah, this has happened to me twice, TWICE!! Honestly, ebay, if you realized I sold authentic items the first time why pull me again!!! Luckily every handbag of mine I've ever seen posted on purseforum everyone has agreed is authentic, so at least we know what we're doing!!

    Stick to your guns and fight it! What an insult!