OMG, it's been a busy month for me!!! Pics to prove it!!!

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  1. First, I get married to the love of my life... :yahoo:

    Then, I go on a fabulous honeymoon to Vegas and Hawaii... :yahoo:

    Finally, I come home to find 2 flaps, 2 reissues, and 2 non-Chanel HG bags waiting for me!!! :yahoo:

    What a month!! I could not have found my new Chanel lovelies without the help of a few wonderful PFers - jadecee, Michele, Mon, Nathalie, and thegraceful1 - my collection would not be the same without you!!! :flowers:

    Thanks for letting me share my new additions with you all!!! :heart: :heart:
  2. awww sharbear, congrats! for every single thing! Esp. the getting married to the love of your life ;)

    now, where are the pics of those bags! :graucho:

    p.s. post those non-chanel HG bags too please! :lol:
  3. congrats on your wedding and your fabulous bags! waiting for the pics......
  4. WOW!!! That's a lot of bags in such a short time.

    Congratulations on your marriage!
  5. Omg Sharon, I've been dying for these pics haha (especially a certain "let me pick my jaw up off of the ground and not slip on my own drool" violet e/w)!!! :nuts: :heart: Can you clone that bag for me hehe? ;) I'm soo excited you found all of these amazingly gorgeous babies AND more importantly that you married the love of your life ahh :girlsigh:... life can't get better than that!!! :yahoo: Can't wait for the pics!!! :heart:
  6. Congratulations on your wedding, honeymoon and ALL your new Chanel goodies, I KNOW you have been waitting a LONG time to get them:girlsigh:, and I'm so happy you finally got them, and I was able to help you with a bit of your beautiful Chanel collection...NOW show us the pics...:yahoo::wlae::woohoo:
  7. Please meet my two new reissues - the 06 dark silver 225 and the 05 black anniversary reissue 225 (in bnwt condition!)...

    Group shots 003.jpg two very HTF new flaps - the 06 dark navy caviar medium classic flap (also bnwt!) and 06 violet caviar e/w flap (wooohooo!)... :heart::heart:

    Group shots 002.jpg

    ...and my HG bags I've been searching forever for - the Gucci white blondie bowler (brand spankin' new!) and LV Mizi Vienna in black (OMG!)!!! :yahoo::wlae:

    Group shots 004.jpg

    And finally here's my new Chanel family pic! :love: :love:

    Group shots 001.jpg

    Sorry my pics aren't the greatest quality, but thanks for celebrating with me!!! :party:
  8. Ahhh, OMG, they are all STUNNING!!!!! :love: You know I love those reissues and the navy caviar flap (haha, give me any flap and I'll be happy!), and you also know how much I ADORE (HG style!!) that violet caviar E/W... I want one soooo badly, but unless I ever find one, I'll have to live vicariously through your pics!! :girlsigh: The Gucci Blondie is gorgeous too, and the LV is definitely standout... congrats girl, yay!!!! :yahoo:
  9. [​IMG]



    First of all, congrats to you & your love one!:love:

    Secondly, need to enlarge these pics as i'm so in love with your chanel bags esp the reissues and the purple caviar flap bag! It's like x'mas time, isn't it?

    Lastly, :heart:Great family collection! I hope i can be as lucky as you to find my Chanel HGs esp the purple flap bag....sigh:sad::sweatdrop:
  10. Congratulations!!

    WOW! I get happy just reading your post!
    Thank you for sharing your joy with us! Your new bags are stunning!
  11. Congratulations!!! Love your Chanel colleciton. The Gucci and LV are so beautiful as well.
  12. ahhhhhhhh those bags! each and every single one of them... are simply droolworthy!!!!!!!! i LOVE that navy flap the most, i nearly bought it last year but didn't, and am kicking myself in the head for not getting it! thanks for sharing all those beautiful pics! And Congrats again, enjoy your glorious new bags!
  13. OMG Sharon!Congratulations on your marriage ,honeymoon and of course on all these stunning beauties!I wish you every happiness!:drinkup:
    Question,where in the whole world did you get to find the LV Vienna embosed???:nuts::drool:and I live in... Vienna lol!!!:hysteric:
  14. Congrats On Everything! its so nice to hear you getting married and all those new bags I love your collection especially the purple flap and the reissues!
  15. I love your collection! Congrats on the marriage, honeymoon and lovely lovely bags.