's arrived!!! My gorgeous AQUA twiggy!!! PICS!!!

  1. I'm not sure what I was expecting, not having seen AQUA IRL, but she lives up to all expectations and then some!!!:yahoo:

    The colour is awesome.....the leather to die for.....the style - my favourite!!!:drool:

    SHE'S A KEEPER!!!:love: :love:

  2. A few more......


  3. Yeow baby!! :nuts: I love the color!! :drool:
  4. woooohoooo isnt aqua one of the most beautiful shades ever ! :drool: big gratz girl your twiggy is yummilicious ! :heart:
  5. Stunning! What a gorgeous bag!
  6. F&G : WOW:nuts: :nuts: ur new aqua twiggy is so fabulous...this color is such a demand now and is sold out everywhere......I jus fell in love with this aqua....:p :p
  7. Congratulations, F&G! It's so pretty. I'd love to see a pic of all your Twiggy bags together, like a Twiggy Party :party:
  8. Your wish.....
  9. Thanks Celia, I can't believe how gorgeous it is :drool: :drool:
  10. Congrats:yahoo: I love your collection.:smile:
  11. :yahoo: Congratulations:yahoo:

    The Aqua Twiggy is gorgeous.

    They have one in HN Edinburgh and I always stop to look at her everytime I am in HN.
  12. YEAH!!!!:yahoo: LOVE IT! Now you are apart of the Aqua Club!!!!
  13. Here u go~~
  14. Another set of enlarged pics....:nuts: :nuts:
  15. WOW, F&G! Love Twiggys, love Aqua, so am quite partial to your new Bbag, girl! :drool: :love: Your Twiggy party is absolutely TDF. Congratulations! :woohoo: :dothewave:

    celia, thanks for 'biggifying' all the pics. Just gives all of us a better perspective on Bbag shots, and more opportunities to drool...