OMG it's a BOX! And it's RED!


So thankful.
Apr 20, 2006
My Rouge Vif Box came today, and I am just delighted!:yahoo:

I bought it secondhand, but it is brandy-new and in perfect condition. Not a scratch or a scuff on her. I've never had a Bbag this new before!

The leather is thick and smooth, no veins, with the most delicious, subtle color variations. And the color, oh my...the color! It is exactly the red I wanted. Not too orangey, not too blue, just a perfect, juicy RED!

I took all my usual stuff out of my Speedy, and it all fits perfectly in the Box. I love the way it slouches a little bit when I pick it up. I almost took off the shoulder strap, but it looks great on my shoulder too! I'm a BOX convert!

I have to run out for a bit to a holiday event, and I'm taking Boxie with me. I don't have time to take my own pics, but I've attached a couple from the auction (clicky for full size). These pics don't nearly do it justice, but it's a start...hopefully I will have time to take a few more later!
Happy happy joy joy! Share the Boxey Love!:jammin: