OMG it worked, Ipod scrach remover

  1. I promise you I don't work for this company but from using the vuitton ipod case my ipod screen got all over scratches like a frosted screen on top . Well I went on ebay and searched and found "Displex" display polish for ipods, cell phones, and palm pda. It worked great and fast really worth it. Try it (I had to post if it makes someone as it made me it will be worth it.)
  2. Thanks for posting! I need iPod has scratches too!
  3. thanks for that! now I know not to buy the LV case, and what to do if mine gets scratched!
  4. they just came out with a nano lv case & i want it...but i don't want my screen to get scratched. thanks for the tip
  5. ohh!! thanks for the information!

    I think I need to buy some, my laptop has insane scratches all over the top (not the screen), I wonder if it'll work. Thanks for the heads up!
  6. brasso works on the ipods too.. haha. i tried and it worked pretty well. also, they make a cream called "ice cream" or something like that that works well.. and then there's the acrylic polishers and scratch removers out there.. theres plenty.. but i know ice cream and brasso work pretty well. haven't tried displex yet.. but wouldn't hurt to try. :smile:
  7. thanks for the tip.:rolleyes:
  8. Neato. I have to try this out. I don't have an iPod but BF does.
  9. awesome :biggrin:
    thanks for the info...i have so many scratches on my cell =/