pays to complain!! Paypal pays out!!!

  1. You may recall a few posts previously from me regarding a chargeback and paypal ignoring my emails.

    I decided to take it further and complained to the head offices in London. I've sent them a couple of scathing letters about the incompetence of the dealings of this chargeback.:cursing:

    I never thought I would win as I hadn't kept the 'special delivery' postal slip. However my argument was they never originally asked for this information, and the chargeback didnt occur because they hadn't received the item, it was because wife had used husbands cc, and since going for divorce he told his cc company he hadn't authorised it.

    And to cut a long story short, today I check my paypal account to find they have re-imbursed me the chargeback amount 'as a goodwill gesture'!!!:yahoo: :yahoo:

    I am gobsmacked to say the least.:nuts: :nuts:

    So the moral of the story, is don't give up, give 'em grief, and you might end up the winner!!:supacool:
  2. Yay!!!!!! Congrats! It's about time Paypal face up to reality. *hugs*
  3. WoW!!! Congrats to you! I wonder could I try that one on a chargeback that I lost out on, same thing fraudulent use of credit card, buyer has goods & money, it's worth a try!
  4. Brilliant! :yahoo:
    Congrats on sticking with it and making those bast**ds pay up! It's about time for Paypal to shake loose some leaves from their money tree!
  5. F&G that is great news, I am so pleased that you got the money back.
  6. Woohooo!! It;s nice to see when Paypal does the right thing!!
  7. Congratulations! I rememeber it was for quite a substantial amount.
    However, a chargeback should never have been authorized in the first place. Paypal obviously does not want to admit they were wrong and therefore calls it a goodwill gesture.
    The main thing is you got your money back, good for you!
  8. Congrats! Finally, somebody wins against Paypal!
  9. That's what I think, but like you say the main thing is I've got the money back.

    What's really funny, is that Paypal lives on email. But they've not emailed me to tell me I've been re-imbursed. I'm wondering if I will receive a letter, because my second complaint, contained an additional complaint that they don't give me the coutesy of responding to my letters in the same manner. And that their emails are full of spelling mistakes, give no clear instructions, are from a different people every time but only give first names.

    Or are they just hoping I will discover the refund by chance as I have. Anyway....

    Thanks to everyone for all your support through this.:flowers:
  11. Received the letter from paypal today. They have actually admitted to making errors themselves, but still claim I haven't provided proof of postage, and as such the re-imbursement is a gesture of goodwill and will not be repeated in future.

    I'm just relieved I can draw a line under this whole episode.

    And from now on I am keeping everything!!
  12. Congrats on the happy ending.
  13. I am happy for you. It's great things worked out for you.
  14. Congrats - really pleased you got your money back!:smile:
  15. I have written to them also one to richmond one to geneva and another to e bay uk head office
    so far no reply
    so its the ombudsmen for me on tuesday , they are supposed to provide by law there complaints procedure within five working days and thats up on monday
    so ombudsmen it is for me, because win or loose it will cost them 395 pds if I do that
    and one thing they are totally obsessed with is monry

    I hope in future the specialist auction sites for pre approved bags really take off
    I think its the only way forward
    glad you got that back of them really am well done