OMG it just hit me the price increase is huge some bags are up 2-3k !

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  1. Holy smokies I just saw the prices of the scarves online now at $ hit me like a ton of bricks when was I checked on a Black Box kelly 28cm which is now over 8K and I found out a Birkin is over 10K now with the tax...Yikes!
    Now I am looking at my bags in a new light..wowzers I didn't realize how much it would be to replace them!!! And boy, I am glad I snatched up the last of my small leather goods..before the price increase...yikes...Even my scarves are being looked at as more my eyes..perhaps because I realize....I will be buying less H...this year... :crybaby:
    What the heck..why is the increase so much? What is the idea..are they doing it just because they can? Certainly it's not because beef prices are on the rise...(belive me I know this fact) Any thoughts?
  2. Docride, the birkin that you mentioned, was that for a 35cm?
  3. ^I sure hope it was for a 35 and not a 30!:cry:
  4. It better be!!! I just saw in another thread the cost of a 32cm croc kelly was 26k now.....that's a serious increase....and I mean SERIOUS increase.
  5. At this rate, I will probably have to wait until I am 30 to get my grail!:hysteric:
  6. Yup, that was the price of a 35cm Birkin..but the 30cm isn't going tobe that much less...sheesh! This is a serious increase...before this money could have gotten you a Birkin and something H to put inside it too! Dang!
  7. No kidding and about 30k for a Croc
  8. It's ok, that's what I did. :tup: But then my grail(s) multiplied.:sweatdrop:
  9. Sigh :sad:
  10. Is it only 8% or does the increase vary? Sighs... H is out to suck me dry! Boohoo....
  11. I definitely think the price increases are because they can! And sucker that I am, I keep falling for them!:Push:
  12. This is what I posted when the whole price increase discussion first came up, my SA said to budget £5,000 for a 35 Birkin that comes in next year when the same bag was just over £4,000 in the first half of this year.....
  13. i dont know about USA, but in Australia, 10K (AUD)of a birkin is ....normal...

    in here, birkin with exotic leather sometimes is up to 20K or more.

    and normal even 25cm birkin is around $10 000 , so USA is still prety lucky ~

    NOte: $1 USD = $1.20 AUD
  14. ^^^^Saving harder now!!!!!:sweatdrop:
  15. This is true in Asia as well. A regular skin 28cm Kelly has hit S$10,000.

    US$1 = S$1.4 (yes, the US$ dollar has strengthened very recently)