OMG it is here! Need your opinion ladies.

  1. As I stated earlier I just spent a nice sized wad to be one of the first to get a 360 bag. It is here and I absolutely love it! I like to be different so of course I chose the multicolor one. The solids are great but I like color. YOU should feal the Italian leather!
    My new Shalon 360 001.jpg My new Shalon 360 002.jpg My new Shalon 360 003.jpg My new Shalon 360 004.jpg
  2. i kinda like it, i think it's def. a classic... :smile: congrats!
  3. Thanks
  4. Do they call it 360 because it doesn't really have corners? The quality of the leather can make or break a bag--so glad that you love the leather on your bag. I like it!
  5. It's cute :smile:

  6. Thats a good question and something for me to look into.
  7. I thinks it different and interesting. Where did you get it?
  8. After purchasing, carrying and falling in love with one of their smaller less expensive bags I inquired about it on there website and after a brief wait period I finally was able to purchase it. Dont let the pics fool you this baby is HUGE!
  9. Never heard of this brand. Shalon? Googled it and found nothing. I think it's safe to say you'll be one of the first to get it. I'd love to see one of the solids.
  10. Here's the website:
  11. Nina_LV -- its cute!
  12. I like! The leather looks great in the closeup! Nice catch!
  13. Aww. Thanks guys. I'm new to the whole designer bag thing. It feels good to have one of my first purchase be a winner.:yahoo:
  14. Beautiful!!
  15. I think up and coming designers are great and I used to purchase mostly from them...until I found this place and b/c obssessed w/ other brands as well. Still like newbie brands though. Congrats on your purchase!