OMG!!!!!!It is coming!!!!!!

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  1. My husband just got a call form H store...

    My first birkin...
    chocolate (togo) 35 cm with GH..coming...
    It will arrive on Wed..
    I will post some pics when I get it..
    I am so excited..!!!!!!:tup: husband did not ask the price..

    Does anybody know the current price?
    I am not sure it went up today...:shrugs:
    Thank you..
  2. Sharing the excitement with you! Last one I got for Mrs. P was 8300 USD...but don't know if the price increase have already taken place...which is very possible. Sorry, I can't be very sure...anyway, happy Wednesday is almost assured!
  3. Congratulations! It sounds gorgeous! I wish I knew the answer to the price question.
  4. CONGRATULATIONS!!! I cannot wait to see pics!!!
  5. Happy for you, and excited. Can't wait till Wednesday! :yahoo:
  6. congratz! may u enjoy it in good health
  7. Happy for you. The color sounds beautiful.
  8. CONGRATS ya1004! The excitement of the first Birkin...I can remember that!!:party:

    ps I heard it's already adjusted up unless you have pre-ordered prior to the date.
  9. Congratulations! Can't wait to see it!
  10. I think it used to be 8400 and now add probably 8%
  11. Congratulations!
  12. Chocolate with GHW sounds gorgeous! I can't wait for the reveal!
  13. Congratulations - in advance! That Birkin will be gorgeous!
  14. How exciting! Congratulations!!!
  15. CONGRATULATIONS!!! and please post modelling pics when you got it!!