omg! it has happened! the limited edition saddle bag on ebay!

  1. :wtf::wtf::nuts::nuts:

    eBay: NWT Dior India Decade Saddle Bag (item 270094474225 end time Mar-06-07 14:29:07 PST)

    i can't tell for sure if it's authentic, but i pretty much looks like it just might be authentic. my god, $5000 will get you the limited edition india saddle bag.

    (chloe?! where are you. your saddle is on eBay! :graucho:)

    p/s OMG! the seller said she has the england saddle too (in the description for the india saddle) and it's "coming up". i don't know if i should start peddling my lung out on eBay too or just faint from this sheer madness.
  2. O M G ! :love: O M G ! :love: O M G ! :love:

    omg 5000 k $ starting bid ...goodbye saddle ...:hysteric:
  3. It is very nice.
  4. nat we need to start out limited edition saddle bag fund now. heheh. :yes:
    hello india! hello england!
  5. OMG! It looks so glamourous!!! I wonder if this will sell, and if the seller is going to make a profit.
  6. ^ hehe, i'm really wondering if they'll make a profit on this, considering it retailed at 2275 pounds.

    if there was a french saddle on eBay, i'm definitely making plans to rob the bank (or my school's union shop)
  7. not really my style and $5000 for Dior, no way

  8. okey girl u dont spend anything in Amsterdam and i dont spend anything in Dublin during the weekend... we keep that for the fund :p :roflmfao:
  9. hehe, in all seriousness it might just happen since (a) i did manage to walk away from lv, chanel, mulberry and hermes without spending a cent the previous time (b) am going to pc hoofstraat with the bf, so i can't be seen purchasing ANY bags at all.

    it's now down to your side nat! :graucho::p
  10. ok ... i promise ... if my extreme dior catwalk sandals are not there and i cant order them and if mini dolly set is not there and i cant order it and if a small trotter is not there and i cant order it i wont spend a penny ! :roflmfao:
  11. That is a STUNNER of a bag and also one of my favorite bags out of that collection...a few weeks ago i saw the England and USA ones in person and they were out of this world beautiful, especially the USA one...its $4700.00 btw, i didnt see the price of the England one.
  12. that looks really pretty!
  13. ^ bagologist, the england one is 1520 pounds (or something like that). i know the USA one was one of the most expensive one, and i think the price in USD is definitely cheaper than it being in pounds.
  14. very nice, but the price...
  15. *scratches plan for the le saddle bag fund* :p

    nat, you must post pictures of your new purchases from dior (of course i know you'll be getting something from dior right? ;))

    y'know i think the mini dolly set with the trotter romantique bag would be absolutely sweeeeet! :drool:

    but of course i know we all want to see you get those s&m sandals and model it for us!