OMG it has been shipped

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  1. So guess what , I am getting the silver mirrior bag from UK louis vuitton website - it has been shipped today - I did not have to waitlist or anything!! :yahoo:... I feel so lucky --- it will be under my xmas tree .. so I won't be allowed it till xmas but hey I will have one :P:heart::drool:
  2. :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
    Luckkkkkkkkkkkky girl :love: sooooooooooooooo Happpppy 4u

    Congratulations sweeet heart :heart:

    cant wait to see pics:drool:
  3. Congrats! You'll have to show us modeling pics as soon as she arrives!
  4. That's great news! Can't wait to see your pics!!! :party:
  5. WOW congrats!!!!!!!
  6. Guess somebody is going to have a blingy christmas.;)
  7. congrats!

    Can anyone order it from the website?
  8. I just got mine an hour ago!!! It will take your breathe away!! So much more impressive IRL!!! Congrats!! (AND Merry Christmas!! )
  9. Congrats! What a great gift for under the tree!!
  10. woa congrats! it will look awesome under your xmas tree!
  11. CONGRATS - can't wait to see pics when you receive it!!!!
  12. Congrats! How lucky are you! Please take pics when you can!
  13. wahey! congrats! so ur order went through ok then?
    i sooo wish i got paid more and could actually afford more LV.. or had somebody special to buy it for me :sad:
    anyways lol sorry im not having a happy week but CONGRATS and MERRY XMAS!

  14. Hiya

    My first order for a silver pouchette did not go through, so when I saw the silver speedy on the UK site - I brought it and did not think it would go through. So I called them today and the lady said it had been invoiced etc and I was still thinking oh I might not get this ... it seems strange that everyone is saying how none are left in the Uk but thay are selling them on the Uk website ... I thought it was a computer problem ... but I checked my email about an hour ago and it said the silver speddy had been shipped today ... wow ... I can' believ it ... so maybe they are not as hard to get as we think... or maybe its just they are not as popular in the Uk as they are in the US.
  15. Congrats, that is a perfect present!! Can't wait to see pics!