OMG!!! IT CAME!!! I got this in the mail two days ago!!!!!!!

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  1. I can't believe this came two days ago!!!!:yahoo: :wlae: :yahoo:
    ysl rive gauche 001sm.jpg ysl rive gauche 014sm.jpg ysl rive gauche 034sm.jpg ysl rive gauche 041.jpg ysl rive gauche 039.jpg
  2. :wlae: :wlae: :wlae: :wlae:
    ysl rive gauche 036sm.jpg ysl rive gauche 006smsmcr tl.jpg ysl rive gauche 012crsm.jpg ysl rive gauche 031sm.jpg ysl rive gauche 037.jpg
  3. Wow. Gorgeous Rive Gauche! Congratulations!!!
  4. Wow, it's gorgeous. May I ask how much this retails for (hope you don't mind me asking). Thanks!
  5. That bag is sumptuous!! Love, Love, Love it. CONGRATS
  6. DIES........ i am speechless
  7. Congratulations.
  8. Thanks SO much! I can't believe that NM was able to get it for me!!:yahoo: It came from Beverly Hills!!! :yahoo: Retail was $4895 w/o tax so a little over $5200...not TOO bad!! It's an amazing BAGGGG!!!
  9. very nice, congrats!!
  10. Absolutely fabulous!! I love the unique color! Congrats!
  11. Pretty expensive, but totally worth it!!! Absolutely love it!!
  12. Gorgeous!
  13. OMG K!! I love this bag! I have to find one and see IRL and maybe buy one for myself! LOL! Congrats K!
  14. WOW!!!!!! Congrats!!! =)
  15. Beautiful!!!!! :d