omg! is this what happens to damier canvas after being beaten up?

  1. Wow--I wonder what happened to this poor bag :confused1::crybaby:
  2. :crybaby::crybaby::crybaby::crybaby: poor damier :hysteric:
  3. My god!:wtf:...she really got her money's worth out of that bag!
  4. looks like she threw it in the wash!
  5. Geez. Who would buy that even for only $200? It's like people who purchase a 1980 mercedes just to say they drive a mercedes!?! (I hope that didn't offend anyone but I have seen people pay way too much for a cheesy old mercedes when they could have purchased a NEW car??)
  6. Poor little Louis :crybaby:
  7. I cant beleive she would actually list that for sale..:wtf:
  8. Wow, that bag looks horrible, kind of makes you want to cry for it. Talk about getting your money's worth lol
  9. Poor bag, it didn't ask for tough love !
  10. lol i wonder what happened to it
  11. hmmm lol....I see lotsa LOVE in that perhaps not anymore (and thus it's on ebay) lol
  12. i believe that actually hurt me to look at. That poor poor bag
  13. so sad so sad...
  14. the bag look sooo sad.