OMG, is this for real?????

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  1. It's prob. fake and they prob. took somebody's pics off eBay or forum like this one.
  2. SUPERBABY, is that my pic, I wanted to put it up first:sad2: LOL, MJ rocks with the winter collection!:biggrin:
  3. Fake.
  4. The photos are off a real bag, but for tht price theyre most probably stole photos.
  5. ioffer is mostly fake. It's hard enough to sift through eBay, I can only imagine ioffer.
  6. I do not mean to sound callous, but if the seller was truely disabled, then how did she get the bag? Was it possible to order? I thought you had to actually go into a boutique; this women lives in Levittown, PA (suburb of Philly); a good 25 minutes from Center City. Hmmmm...something is not right.
  7. Stolen pictures, fake bag, and someone about to get seriously ripped off.
  8. I don't like that the picture hides the interior with paper. and I have the orange onatah (granted not the one with flowers) but mine does not have this on the strap:

    View attachment 6195
  9. Mine is the one with flowers and it does have the LV tag as shown in the picture.
  10. oh
  11. I am sure the bag is fake.. as the price is too good to be true. What confused me is that how the seller is gonna pull off a fake bag that looks real? What bag is she going to ship?? or is she going to run away after getting the money??? :weird:
  12. Well, she wouldn't be the first person in Philly to pull off a scam, it's a pretty big place.
  13. So fake...these people are predators!!!