OMG! Is this a good price????

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  1. Well the large Bleecker duffles retailed for $448 plus tax, so I think it looks like a good deal!
  2. Oops...just realized its the smaller size...oh well, the large seems a bit big anyway...I'm off to find some modelling pix in the Reference Section...
  3. That is an awesome price!!! Go for it!
  4. Thanks guys!
  5. I just bought the LARGE one at the outlet a few weeks ago for $175 plus tax. I don't remember what the small ones were selling for, but I know it was not lower than $175. I remember thinking why wasn't it since it was probably your Ebay price isn't bad. Sellers won't sell usually unless they make a little something on the bag. Good luck!
  6. Another ebay tip, I always ask the seller if they will do free shipping with BIN, most will so it can't hurt to ask. I did see a small bottle gree duffle nwt go for $149.00 last night.
  7. ^ Both are authentic to me, and I think they're good prices!
  8. If there is any way you can try on the 2 sizes - try to do that.

    I bought the smaller when they first came out because I thought the large was too big. Then bought the Large on sale. LOVE the larger one more now.

    I find it stays on my shoulder better and use the smaller as a cross-body.
  9. I dont know anything about this bag, but its a great color!!!
  10. I love my large duffle. It is pretty big though.. and stuff can be a pain to find sometimes. The strap detail is what gets me though.. I just love it over the medium. I do love how the medium goes cross body though. If you want, I can take some more modeling pics of my large bleecker. I don't mind.
  11. Yes!!! That would be great!!!! Thank you so much, if you don't mind!

    Sorry I was MIA for a few I was deciding on what to do....hubby said if I sell a bag I can get one now...Mokey, the one you've posted looks great! I think that's an even better price! I'm thinking I'll like the Larger one better.

    Thanks for your help everyone!
  12. That one looks gorgeous. I have the holiday patchwork duffle and love it. Of course she is put away until fall now, but she was out a lot since I got her.
    Keep us posted.
  13. I really like the bag, but I remember think that the large size really was pretty big when I tried it on, could just be my taste. Anyway, as said earlier those rices are good, so it ends up being your choice!