OMG...Is the Lumi gone???

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  1. I don't know if it's my phone but I was just poking around in the LV site and was checking on colors for Empreinte. Well I clicked on the Lumi (PM & GM) and it redirected me back to the homepage. That usually happens when an item is not available anymore. I was just at the boutique exchanging my Alma 2 weekends ago and the SA told me the Lumi was releasing in black March 1st. I thought I had plenty of time to add the Lumi to my collection. :sad:
  2. no its still on the website..i was just looking at the emp bags online

  3. Oh good...thank you! Must be something with my phone.
  4. maybe an update to the site
    but I still see lumi on my website/app
  5. Think it's just a glitch, that's been happening to me with other items I was trying to look at while using the app on my iPad. It's frustrating!
  6. Lumi Black is being released in the beginning of March. I have reserved one for me :smile:!
  7. Ok thanks! Because I did try on my computer and still can't get into the Lumi.
  8. I just gave it a try on my computer, I can't get to it either it's been loading for over a minute :sad: did you try calling them?

  9. No I didn't call. I'll be going in for a visit in a few days. I'll find out then. Unless it's back up before then???
  10. I can't either. I think there will be a price increase on that bag and that is why it is showing not available at this time. I've seen that happen prior to a price increase : (

  11. Oohhh...I thought the price increase was on everything???
  12. :thinking:
    At least the price increase on this bag will be high. That's what I suspect. :thinking:
  13. The same things happen with me when I try to view the vernis cosmetic pouches:sad:
  14. I cant either I just tried