OMG Im watching Sex and the City Now

  1. Im watching them all, im up to season 3 where Carrie, Sam and Miranda go to LA :tender:
  2. OMG SAm just bought a fake bag :sad:
  3. I remember that episode very well....Can't beleive Carrrie would actually be up for that!

    Have you seen the one from that trip in which the girls go to a party at the Playboy mansion and Samantha accuses one of Hef's girlfriends of stealing her fake Fendi baguette? How embarrasing!

    My favorite line from THAT episode, however, is what Miranda says when she peers into the grotto hot tub full of naked Playmates - "Hmmm...tit soup"! (Can I say that here - if not, please forgive me!)

    Have a fun time watching!
  4. I know lmao Im on to the episode with the rich 13 yr old
  5. ooo0oohh!! Is that one Hot Child in the City?? because that's one of my fav episodes!

  6. I LOVE that part.

    I hate how on TBS they have to block the stuff out... takes half of the fun of the show out!
  7. i love this show.. i replay some episode from time to time.. cant get enough of it!
  8. well I only ever watched one off one episodes cause by the time I was old enough to get what these women were talkin about I was 16 so it was on to like series 3. but my cousin who is 30, let me borrow all her box sets and I love it...sometimes I watch them all night
  9. Is "An American Girl in Paris, Part 2" the last episode of the whole series? I keep expecting a wedding for Carrie, it seems unfinished without one. Is that really the last episode? I know there's a Bonus DVD after "Amercian Girl, Part 2", but that has Extras & Alternate Endings, not another episode. Am I correct? Thanks! :smile:
  10. yeah you're correct :crybaby: I so miss it. here is the ending and I love this part YouTube - Sex and the city final
  11. How about the episode with Sam having a "sugar daddy". LOL The old man butt!!!! I never laughed so hard, and been grossed out at the same time! I have all the episodes, that was my all time favorite series. I cried when it was over.
  12. OMG yeah I love that episode. My fave episode is the last one in season 3 where everyone is on sams roof terrace and the transexuals lmao haha. I miss it so much :sad:
  13. This is so funny im also watching all the sex and the city dvds. Im on season four. I seriously wish by some miracle they would bring it back.=o( I love love love this show. There is nothing else like it on TV and probably never will be. I love all of there characters and of course the fashion you never get tired of seeing what they are wearing. I still cry when I watch the last episode of An american girl in paris. I bought the cd MC Solar that song they play when Carrie is running to her party and big is in the car and carrie turns and misses seeing big in the car next to her. I love that scene and song!!! Sorry for the long post I just soooo miss this show and love talking about it with you ladies.
  14. Thanks a million, Socialite! :flowers: I've been dying to find out whether that was the last episode or not! Now that I have, I'm MAD! That's no ending for the "whole" series, I WANT TO SEE CARRIE'S WEDDING! :yes:

    They spent so much time building up Charlotte's 2 weddings, a bit less on Miranda's...but Carrie certainly deserves a hell of a wedding, especially after what she went through with "the Russian" in Paris! How could they end it just like that, leaving the audience hanging! :wtf: They MUST bring the series back, and continue where Mr. Big & Carrie left off...

  15. mine too!!

    "yes mrs anderson, i did bring the pot into your house....and i'm taking it with me when i go!!" carrie always has fabulous exits. :yes:

    i don't know that carrie and big would get married. you think? some how they strike me as one of those couples who are definately together, but keep seperate spaces, you know?